Water-proof Watch Cannot Stop Water

TUNG is a hotel chef, is a table of love. March 7, Mr TUNG a well-known brand watches counters Pearl Plaza 2000 yuan worth buying a men’s quartz watches, has life waterproof. “Select brand, is that quality assurance, with the rest assured.” When the order form, the clerk specifically for the new table proofreading time. However, the use of four days, Mr TUNG found his table about 4 minutes faster than the phone’s time.

“Before I accidentally grazed watch, leaving a scratch, but I think it should not affect the time to go.” March 11 afternoon, Mr Tung will table to the counter for service. “April 2 afternoon, the counter staff to call me in the past to take the table, saying that because I bruised table cause damage to the movement, but has been repaired a telephone customer service also said that after the repair technician will watch watch repeated use is detected and then returned to the customer. ”

After retrieving the watch from the counter, less than 24 hours, but there had clean dial drops. “Serious water inside, seems obvious. Said to be life waterproof watch, I do not swim, that is, ordinary life wet, how it was flooded?” TUNG puzzled.

April 4 morning, Mr Tung once again came to the counter. “I suspect that the table has quality problems, I would like to detect third-party involvement, but the store said that if detected is the product itself, they bear all costs. If it is man-made damage caused costs to be borne by me. Finally, I can only agree to be tested by the manufacturer. “Mr Tung said that the end of April, the counter staff phoned to say the quality of the table is no problem, the reason may be water into the mist.

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