The Major Three Functions of Typical Watch

For such integrity changes, many tables Friends may have different ideas, some very happy, because do not watch the ambiguous hidden in his sleeve, and finally can no longer deliberate on posters, but naturally the show came out, and some people may not think so, they began to worry about sweating more water coming days, the table may be harmful. In fact, in small series, two views are normal, no contradiction, the key is to have a sense of the right maintenance of the table.

On “three” (shockproof, anti-magnetic, waterproof), the warmer the weather, the chance of contact with water surge watch is not in doubt, including rain, sweat, shower under normal circumstances, etc., there are special circumstances swimming, sailing and other water sports. Therefore, like wearing a watch in terms of friends, strengthen waterproof awareness is particularly important.

And watch the material, the belt will be the first to watch the most threat, so, in addition to a number of conditions have to dress to attend the event wearing a belt table or relatively low temperatures of the occasion, the best table in the summer the belt deposited good so wearing a winter belt form a good rest.

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