An Old Man’s Watch Has Been Stolen When He was Out

Hayat May 9 hearing the other day, Nangang District, Harbin, Building 5, openly celebrating cell to an uninvited guest, she took advantage of an opportunity to forget to lock the door of the old man slipped out of the house, one of more than 7,000 yuan by the watch this missing. However, she did not know his actions were all filmed indoor surveillance. Currently, the old man’s daughter has been reported.

The people Ms. Wang told reporters that his parents have been nearly 90 years because of concerns during the work day, parents appear unexpectedly, their children in the parents’ house to install a surveillance camera. At 12:40 on April 11 Xu, Wang and using a mobile phone to view their parents, and found only the mother at home, the door ajar, when a middle-aged woman walked into the house constantly, Ms. Wang’s mother asked her doing, the woman was said to inquire about individuals. Ms. Wang’s mother said, “their bad memory, people do not know.” Hearing this, the middle-aged woman walked out. Soon after, Ms. Wang’s mother to go out, but the door did not lock. After Ms. Wang’s mother down the stairs, just to find out that the daughters of men, and even open the door slipped into the house, monitor the woman turning items inside shooting down move.

Reporter Ms. Wang provided surveillance video to see middle-aged woman of about 1.63 meters tall, wearing dark pink coat, black pants with floral and deep pink sneakers, she was in bed, cupboard, drawer everywhere rummage, even under vases and pocket each garment are allowed. “I look at parents’ home into a thief, then quickly hit the car in the past, can be arrived at, that were Nvzei’s gone.” Ms. Wang said, the parents because of advanced age, poor memory, does not yet checked out the missing the article can be found Ms. Wang, her parents’ home before falling a value of more than 7,000 yuan watch was gone one day. Subsequently, Ms. Wang called the police.

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