The Differences Between Mechanical and Quartz Watches

The accuracy of the hand is the selection of the table to be considered first, the quartz watch is a quartz oscillator replace mechanical watch balance wheel, use the correct swing speed clocked watches and mechanical watch due to the production of high and low quality, as well as table internal movement vulnerable to the effects of gravity, time error is relatively large, compared to quartz watches, mechanical watch accuracy worse.

Power source is a battery quartz watch, quartz oscillator by electrical energy can be converted into kinetic energy to drive the hands to walk, compared to the need for winding mechanical watches, quartz watches only require regular battery replacement is relatively simple. But there are also automatic winding mechanical watches, namely by dithering watch, can realize automatic winding up.

In general, the quartz watch battery life is limited, relatively short, use 5–8 years after the crystal oscillator will decline relative accuracy decreases, and generally every 1-2 years want to change a battery; do not need mechanical watches replace the battery, and periodic oil conservation, you can use more than 20 years no problem.

Quartz table contains many small parts, usually the maintenance cost is high, so if the quartz watch big failure, usually the original will ask directly for a new movement, the maintenance cost is very high; mechanical maintenance relatively easy, relatively speaking , although a lot of trouble, but easier for parts, mainly not easily go wrong.

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