Bong XX Water-proof Watch from Start-up Company

In recent years, a large number of start-up companies introduced various bracelets, watches, wrist device in the young group in essentially become the standard. Walking on the road to see at least eight in ten people are presented with millet bracelet, sigh now lives, has smart dressed up everywhere. If tens of dollars wristband can not meet your needs, and more than two thousand Apple Watch makes you feel too extravagant, that bong XX smart waterproof watches will be your right choice.

bong XX is a shell attack team developed a smart watch. Open the package, you can see which in addition to containing bong XX specification and product certification, also neatly arranged box charger box, bong XX hosts and cable boxes. Packaging is very attractive, as a whole is also very beautiful.

bong XX mainly by the case, strap, clasp, surface composition. The strap is a medical grade thermoplastic elastic body, it is 304 stainless steel clasp. From the exterior, the dial information under the screen state is very beautiful, looks great temperament, strap front with a hexagonal pattern, the back strap made of different shades of the strip, reducing the feeling of wear caused by bondage. As a whole is very light, a sense of restraint is also small. It’s waterproof performance is great, but the proposal is still not worn in the bath, it will be easy dirty.

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