Master Zhou Saved Lives of So Many Watches

Watches, is one of the 1950’s and 1960’s “four pieces.” At that time, with a Shanghai brand watch is a thing worth showing off. And now, more and more people choose to use an alternative phone watches, luxury watches more as a status symbol to be covered up. With vintage watches gradually be forgotten, as well as watch repair industry.

96811 watch repairman Zhou master said, he loves to watch the others can not understand, and this is his twenty years as one day insist on repair of the table causes. Take a look at the hand, he knew where the trouble lies. In addition to relying on experience, he will himself specializes in all kinds of watches and clocks tools books.

Zhou said the master, repair of the table is learning to construct sophisticated table inside organs clouds, such as watches, a “stolen Stop” fault, case books have given in more than one hundred kinds, although usually repair the table by more experience, but It is also inseparable from book knowledge. Repair of the table is the most difficult job gossamer dressing forceps need to have contact with gossamer nip area, leveling adjustment are to circle round and round repeatedly. Zhou said the master gossamer adjustment only requires a lot of patience, and even need to have a good mood, to exclude all other thoughts, the adjustment procedure may also need to breathless.

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