The Major Three Functions of Typical Watch

For such integrity changes, many tables Friends may have different ideas, some very happy, because do not watch the ambiguous hidden in his sleeve, and finally can no longer deliberate on posters, but naturally the show came out, and some people may not think so, they began to worry about sweating more water coming days, the table may be harmful. In fact, in small series, two views are normal, no contradiction, the key is to have a sense of the right maintenance of the table.

On “three” (shockproof, anti-magnetic, waterproof), the warmer the weather, the chance of contact with water surge watch is not in doubt, including rain, sweat, shower under normal circumstances, etc., there are special circumstances swimming, sailing and other water sports. Therefore, like wearing a watch in terms of friends, strengthen waterproof awareness is particularly important.

And watch the material, the belt will be the first to watch the most threat, so, in addition to a number of conditions have to dress to attend the event wearing a belt table or relatively low temperatures of the occasion, the best table in the summer the belt deposited good so wearing a winter belt form a good rest.

What If Mechanical Watch Stopped?

Mechanical watch stopped how to do? In fact, the case of mechanical watch does not generally divided into two kinds, the first is due to lack of kinetic energy. The second is due to mechanical failure occurred. Common faults bump, dislocation movement gear, watches by magnetic hold longer dry sludge, etc., will result in mechanical watches not go. So there is a mechanical watch does not work when not to panic too, have to distinguish what belongs to large.

Some people may buy is automatic mechanical watches that since it is fully automated tube certainly is not required, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the so-called automatic mechanical watches, automatic Tuo by any direction of rotation can be a wound automatic winding mechanism of action runs. One can imagine the only watch worn on the hand, with the arm movement, automatic Tuo also will turn generate energy. Usually automatic watches should be worn every day in the hands of more than eight hours to make up the winding amount, but not absolute. So if you do not wear a long time, or lack of wear after exercise, can lead to mechanical watch does not work. For such cases, you can use manual winding manner.

If, after inspection found no mechanical watches go not because of lack of kinetic energy, that is, the mechanical failure, you need to send a professional maintenance staff that go for repairs. Remember not to speak their own mechanical watch apart. Mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gears and clockwork and running, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts. Otherwise, wait until the repair go wrong, often the problem is very serious.

Children are Taught to Read Time on Watches and Clocks

Teach children to recognize watches for many parents is a very difficult thing. The children themselves lack the ability to understand and logical thinking ability, so watch the children in the learning process difficult, as parents should teach children how to recognize watches it?

Teach children to learn to recognize the parents should pay attention to watch children watch should be considered in the appropriate age children, children around the age of six, slowly began to turn when the image thinking abstract thinking, this time to exercise the child’s logical thinking ability it is very wise.

Learning clocks seem simple, but in which the length of the pointer, digital size, and simple multiplication are necessary, even if these children have not mastered, learning to recognize that the watch will become extremely difficult.

Children learn when the best interest of the child is always the teacher, the parents should be to attract the child’s attention, let the children watch to recognize there is a certain interest in a variety of ways, so it can be more effective learning.

An Old Man’s Watch Has Been Stolen When He was Out

Hayat May 9 hearing the other day, Nangang District, Harbin, Building 5, openly celebrating cell to an uninvited guest, she took advantage of an opportunity to forget to lock the door of the old man slipped out of the house, one of more than 7,000 yuan by the watch this missing. However, she did not know his actions were all filmed indoor surveillance. Currently, the old man’s daughter has been reported.

The people Ms. Wang told reporters that his parents have been nearly 90 years because of concerns during the work day, parents appear unexpectedly, their children in the parents’ house to install a surveillance camera. At 12:40 on April 11 Xu, Wang and using a mobile phone to view their parents, and found only the mother at home, the door ajar, when a middle-aged woman walked into the house constantly, Ms. Wang’s mother asked her doing, the woman was said to inquire about individuals. Ms. Wang’s mother said, “their bad memory, people do not know.” Hearing this, the middle-aged woman walked out. Soon after, Ms. Wang’s mother to go out, but the door did not lock. After Ms. Wang’s mother down the stairs, just to find out that the daughters of men, and even open the door slipped into the house, monitor the woman turning items inside shooting down move.

Reporter Ms. Wang provided surveillance video to see middle-aged woman of about 1.63 meters tall, wearing dark pink coat, black pants with floral and deep pink sneakers, she was in bed, cupboard, drawer everywhere rummage, even under vases and pocket each garment are allowed. “I look at parents’ home into a thief, then quickly hit the car in the past, can be arrived at, that were Nvzei’s gone.” Ms. Wang said, the parents because of advanced age, poor memory, does not yet checked out the missing the article can be found Ms. Wang, her parents’ home before falling a value of more than 7,000 yuan watch was gone one day. Subsequently, Ms. Wang called the police.

Water-proof Watch Cannot Stop Water

TUNG is a hotel chef, is a table of love. March 7, Mr TUNG a well-known brand watches counters Pearl Plaza 2000 yuan worth buying a men’s quartz watches, has life waterproof. “Select brand, is that quality assurance, with the rest assured.” When the order form, the clerk specifically for the new table proofreading time. However, the use of four days, Mr TUNG found his table about 4 minutes faster than the phone’s time.

“Before I accidentally grazed watch, leaving a scratch, but I think it should not affect the time to go.” March 11 afternoon, Mr Tung will table to the counter for service. “April 2 afternoon, the counter staff to call me in the past to take the table, saying that because I bruised table cause damage to the movement, but has been repaired a telephone customer service also said that after the repair technician will watch watch repeated use is detected and then returned to the customer. ”

After retrieving the watch from the counter, less than 24 hours, but there had clean dial drops. “Serious water inside, seems obvious. Said to be life waterproof watch, I do not swim, that is, ordinary life wet, how it was flooded?” TUNG puzzled.

April 4 morning, Mr Tung once again came to the counter. “I suspect that the table has quality problems, I would like to detect third-party involvement, but the store said that if detected is the product itself, they bear all costs. If it is man-made damage caused costs to be borne by me. Finally, I can only agree to be tested by the manufacturer. “Mr Tung said that the end of April, the counter staff phoned to say the quality of the table is no problem, the reason may be water into the mist.