Bong XX Water-proof Watch from Start-up Company

In recent years, a large number of start-up companies introduced various bracelets, watches, wrist device in the young group in essentially become the standard. Walking on the road to see at least eight in ten people are presented with millet bracelet, sigh now lives, has smart dressed up everywhere. If tens of dollars wristband can not meet your needs, and more than two thousand Apple Watch makes you feel too extravagant, that bong XX smart waterproof watches will be your right choice.

bong XX is a shell attack team developed a smart watch. Open the package, you can see which in addition to containing bong XX specification and product certification, also neatly arranged box charger box, bong XX hosts and cable boxes. Packaging is very attractive, as a whole is also very beautiful.

bong XX mainly by the case, strap, clasp, surface composition. The strap is a medical grade thermoplastic elastic body, it is 304 stainless steel clasp. From the exterior, the dial information under the screen state is very beautiful, looks great temperament, strap front with a hexagonal pattern, the back strap made of different shades of the strip, reducing the feeling of wear caused by bondage. As a whole is very light, a sense of restraint is also small. It’s waterproof performance is great, but the proposal is still not worn in the bath, it will be easy dirty.

Heros Successfully Developed the First Gold Dragon Watch

Recently, Switzerland has a long history of love dragon official watch brand official stationed in China, a time when the 90th anniversary of the Beijing Palace Museum being built, to love Long Shi Emperor Qianlong Imperial Palace robes middle cairica Pictured prototype, into the tip of the Swiss watchmaking technology and innovation unique watch design concept, successfully developed the “Swiss love Long Shi automatic double-sided hollow diamond-studded gold watch,” to celebrate Zhuai Long Shi brand official stationed in China as well as a tribute to Beijing Palace Museum 90 anniversary.

What is double-sided hollow watch popular thing to say is this:? Watch particular the use of double-sided hollow-made automatic mechanical movement, and the movement of hollow or imported, the entire movement from the front directly see through the back, very trendy and very rich sense of technology, special and beautiful! Also, love the movement and the watch dragon official color double-sided hollow mechanical watches gold embossed dragon is still very popular Tyrant gold. Because the movement is hollow manufacture transparent, so the dial and the bottom cover is transparent, hollow, dial directly from the see through case back, automatic mechanical movement hollow golden glance. It is understood that, which watches innovative design and manufacturing process, plus special confers the profound Chinese culture, have led to a launch hot pursuit of Chinese consumers

It is reported that, in order to successfully entered the Chinese market, the Swiss love Long Shi team developed several years in advance for the Chinese market, China Shi Long love wind watch, unique in the history of this love official double-sided hollow embossed dragon dragon gold mechanical watches, watches the entire surface plated 18K gold, golden, heavy, highlight the distinguished. In the 12-bit love carved dragon official logo, and the remaining 11 points inlay 11 natural diamonds. While with a luminous display, hands points allow the wearer to see at night is very convenient, as well as China market special “Red China” brand has kept watch second hand quality and design of the dial icing on the cake. Love Long Shi-sided hollow gold embossed dragon table, set Swiss brand Swiss technology and Swiss craftsmanship, all hollow mechanical movement and the Forbidden City “cairica” ​​in one, wear special face, increasing the value of collections!

Geneva International Watch Fair

Recently, GP Girard Perregaux announced 2017 return to Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie. Chief Executive Officer Anthony Girard Perregaux GP Kars, said: “As a founding member of the Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie, GP Girard Perregaux this prestigious Haute Horlogerie brand deserved return Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie.” Under session of the Geneva international Watch Fair will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 16-20 January 2017.

Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) was born in 1991, with the Baselworld watch show and try another large International Watch Fair, held each January in Geneva, Switzerland. Although the Geneva International Watch Fair no noise, exhibitors Basel 2000 brands less than 20, but exhibitors brand almost all the industry’s top brands, including belong to Richemont (RichemontGroup) of Vacheron Constantin (VacheronCon-stantin ), Lange (A. Lange & S? hne), IWC (IWC) more than a dozen brands, and a few carefully chosen independent watchmaker brands such as Audemars Piguet (AudemarsPiguet) and MB & F, it can be said is a world’s top international Watch Fair.

Historical Swiss watch brand Girard Perregaux GP leader began in 1791, more than two centuries created a lot of unique design, technical innovation and classic watches, including Constant Girard-Perregaux was published in 1889 in the Paris World’s Fair, and by the General Assembly awarded the winning three Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch. Girard Perregaux GP few extant authentic watch factory, to harness design and production of watches, including the development of the movement, including all technical and process. Girard Perregaux GP over the years received more than 80 patents, and is committed to technology research and development, we will carry forward the tradition of excellence. 2013, GP Girard Perregaux with revolutionary L.M. constant force escapement watch, the industry won a number of awards, including the industry’s most respected “Geneva Watch Award” awarded “Golden needle” award. Girard Perregaux GP as a member of the open cloud (Kering) Group, which advanced for the global apparel industry leader, with more than internationally renowned luxury goods, sports and fashion brands.

Famous Watch Brand Held Show in Bogota

Famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) in Bogota, Colombia (Bogota, Colombia) glory released a new Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch. Omega celebrity ambassadors Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford) and other guests attended the grand celebration at the Grand Theatre in Faenza (Faenza Theatre) held.

The grand conference in Bogota held again demonstrated the importance of Omega South American markets, as well as the determination of the further development of the brand in Colombia. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch with a plurality of sizes, materials and colors different watch styles, designed for the pursuit of luxury fashion and elegance of women DEDECATES.

Cindy Crawford is perhaps Ms. Omega released a new watch collection of the best candidate, she had joined the Omega family since 1995. As a well-known fashion icon, Cindy and I was the new Seamaster Aqua Terra Ladies watch fans. On the day’s activities, her passion to share in the Colombian capital spent wonderful time.

“Bogota is a unique city. We specially to feel its charm. I visited the salt mine, Monserrate (Monserrate) and the historic center of Bogota where a pleasant climate, delicious food, let the people of this city full of goodwill. I’ve fallen in love this city. “

The Differences Between Mechanical and Quartz Watches

The accuracy of the hand is the selection of the table to be considered first, the quartz watch is a quartz oscillator replace mechanical watch balance wheel, use the correct swing speed clocked watches and mechanical watch due to the production of high and low quality, as well as table internal movement vulnerable to the effects of gravity, time error is relatively large, compared to quartz watches, mechanical watch accuracy worse.

Power source is a battery quartz watch, quartz oscillator by electrical energy can be converted into kinetic energy to drive the hands to walk, compared to the need for winding mechanical watches, quartz watches only require regular battery replacement is relatively simple. But there are also automatic winding mechanical watches, namely by dithering watch, can realize automatic winding up.

In general, the quartz watch battery life is limited, relatively short, use 5–8 years after the crystal oscillator will decline relative accuracy decreases, and generally every 1-2 years want to change a battery; do not need mechanical watches replace the battery, and periodic oil conservation, you can use more than 20 years no problem.

Quartz table contains many small parts, usually the maintenance cost is high, so if the quartz watch big failure, usually the original will ask directly for a new movement, the maintenance cost is very high; mechanical maintenance relatively easy, relatively speaking , although a lot of trouble, but easier for parts, mainly not easily go wrong.