Watch Maintenance Cannot be Ignored in Summer

The advent of summer, after a wake-up spring, that now is the best time for struggle. You may be busy visiting customers, are busy developing new season products, may be doing the preparatory conference for the fall, but do not forget, has been quietly accompany you, faithful record of your work drip watch, through a spring, also we need to re-energize .

An automatic mechanical watch business white-collar elite is indispensable to the daily life of the equipment wrist, wearing the same time, maintenance is also very important. Driven by mechanical gears and clockwork machinery and running, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts.
Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and impact. Mechanical watches waterproof unless indicated otherwise, be sure to avoid the case of water, as it will cause mechanical erosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even the noted water table, water resistance is not permanent, because the table water cycle after a full year of wear and tear, plus external factors sweat, dust and various unavoidable, will be deformed relaxation, it is generally recommended to wear a after replacing new waterproof ring, water resistance to maintain normal.
Outside the water, but also to prevent collisions. Wish to purchase two or three tables in their daily lives Replacement: wear ordinary mechanical watch static activity, wearing sports watch movement, watch match different occasions in different functions, help extend the life of the watch.

Consumers Suspected Watches Had Quality Problems

Mr. Wang over 70 years, has worked in the store bought three watches. July 2015, Mr. Wang again in the store to buy a piece worth $ 180 Citizen automatic watch. “I used to buy are also automatic table, in front of three never had this situation.” Mr. Wang said, the store is a “low-activity” led to stop and go watch the grounds, can not convince him. “I’m a restless person, less activity impossible. Even less activity, I have no other automatic table so stopped.”
In Wang’s warranty on the watch, record the stop and go watch the time. November 2015 stopped once in December stopped three times. January 14 this year, has stopped. Mr. Wang said, stop and go watch the first time, he had been to the store to say, but they say that older people less activity, automatic table stop and go is a normal phenomenon. “I do not agree with this view.” Wang said after the watch to get back, they stopped several times. January 14 again stop watch was gone, Wang again to watch the store, had been placed there waiting for a reply.
January 27 afternoon, the reporter came together with Mr. Wang watch shop. The clerk took Mr. Wang’s watch, said from January 14, she has been to the watch worn on the hand, has never been stop and go on. The store manager said automatic stop and go watch a normal phenomenon, said the elderly less activity will naturally happen, and suggested that Mr. Wang per night tighten the spring, more exercise. But Wang does not agree with this view. “It must be a problem with the table, or how automatic table may need to tighten the spring, such grounds can not convince me.”

Specially Discounted Watch for Your House

With the improvement of living standards, quality of life of modern people more and more attention, from the most basic of basic necessities of life, to entertainment, each link reveals the modern pursuit of quality of life. As the most basic demands of life, not just people’s houses have habitat, its elegant decor is a perfect reflection of the taste of the owner.

A taste of the people, will pay special attention to every detail of the house, a large table, small pot of flowers. Chic home decoration always shines, chic and full of creative design, home decor and complement each other. Unique taste, always memorable.

Just two people into the marriage hall, the future is full of expectations too. Newlyweds sweetness and happiness filled in every corner of the room, whether it is red hi word, a new sofa, or which one wall is filled with romantic and sweet wall clock. Together a life with you, every second is happiness.

A Time Piece Released in New Year

A time when the New Year, Tendence day trend table 2016 with a number of new products unveiled, as always, the high visibility of the brand, regardless of design or new manufacturing processes have to subvert the conventional products, to create extraordinary new world.

The new wonders of the world by the genius architect design – inspired by Italian Lorenza Santa Maria del Fiore dome, the dome is not used in any of the stent, moved to this myth as the general architecture , which was presented in dome dome series, arched table mirror, reproducing beautiful curves, a pioneer in recycling design classic.

Timetable digital disk technology Dome Dome of the series and before the series is completely different, conventional digital timing and separate dial, dial inclined to reflect the brand Tendence 3D stereoscopic digital design, but this time, digital time and dial a single entity, the use of arch convex lens-shaped table mirror formed to render 3D stereoscopic digital effects, and visual and hands on the dial will be reduced in the digital sense, it is more compact, compact, and meticulous.

Which Company Created the First Watch?

First watch in the world in 1868 is manufactured by Patek Philippe to Hungary Koscowicz Countess, but this form of watches, is not popular at the time. Now, watch more and more varied choice, for your choice, though dazzling, but the most important thing is to find a suitable temperament. Men dressed in suits at the same time with a suitable watch, from the inside out are enchanting light. In a mechanical watch tens of million times, quartz watch is also a good choice.

This Tissot Junya series in very fashionable watchmaking dotted the appropriate nostalgic element, cutting-edge modern technology to put on a jacket retro design. Watch for each wearer to ensure the beauty and precise and practical to wear and enjoy. At the same time, this watch design details and subtle retro decor is very attractive for business wear. At the same time, subtle curves and twist lock like decoration simple case further enhance the overall feel of the classic, if then with a black suit will be more perfect.

This watch Emporio Armani fans called the Gospel points, appearance of the atmosphere become more prominent men wild temperament, function is very powerful, is the first choice for high-end watches, the young and vibrant love sports men You may wish to start with a durable, exquisite, with a white face with black style is also simple and elegant, mid-price, high-end enjoyment, can only give you so much.