High Water-proof Watch Under 50 Meters

2015 can be said that children’s intelligence wearable device shine year many brands have launched children watch phone:! 360, Aba town, after sugar cat, Huawei and other small K. However, from the beginning of June has popped up a dark horse! – Little Genius watch phone a few months it swept the country! Recently, the little genius watch phone also played the “smart water” concept, introduced the “watch phone waterproof version”, favored to win a good reputation, steadily got into the industry leading position!

Water level high! Spike similar products! Little Genius watch phone waterproof version waterproof rating of IPX7, water level relative to the current market similar waterproof watch waterproof children’s intelligence level is generally IPX5-IPX6, and little genius first watch phone products almost. Little genius first watch phone waterproof rating of IPX5 routine hand washing prevents splashes and sprays drinks, while the new version waterproof watch phone waterproof rating is reached IPX7. Theoretically soak for 30 minutes in cold water half a meter deep is not a quality problem. But Xiao Bian is still recommended that children take a bath or swim Oh!

Soaked remind parents more peace of mind! Other similar waterproof products just to protect the machine and do a basic water treatment. The waterproof version of the small genius watch phone in addition to water, but also thoughtful design of the flood damage reminder function. Watch completely immersed in water for about 10 seconds will appear bright screen reminders, but also feedback to the phone APP, to remind parents children may play in the water. Allowing parents to keep abreast of the status of children, and in time to stop security risks.

Mechanical Watch with Powerful Inside and Outside

Appreciate people understand mechanical watches, mechanical watches are totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the counting operation, its unique charm to indulge in the world, Rolex, Omega, Longines and other brands of expensive mechanical watches mechanical watches, so a lot of love table who prohibitive. Believe that the choice handed down (Chens) rose gold automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches can make you feel the charm of the world, you become treasures handed down!

Appreciate people understand mechanical watches, mechanical watches are totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the counting operation, its unique charm to indulge in the world, Rolex, Omega, Longines and other brands of expensive mechanical watches mechanical watches, so a lot of love table who prohibitive. In fact, low-key luxury watch brand has the connotation of a lot. This small series to introduce a strong internal and external handed down (Chens) rose gold automatic mechanical watch, the cost is very high.

The table uses real rose gold hollow design, the thickness of 2 mm, is about 667 times the normal electroplating even wear flowers, according to the interior rose gold, wear does not fade; the movement of bearing selection harder than quartz grains of the material – ruby, reducing friction generated when the operation of the components and injuries; thick sapphire crystal, since the hardness is seven times stronger than steel, more assured to withstand any carom; selection of high-quality stainless steel 316L, the medical profession that the authority of the human body without harm steel, compression hypoallergenic, lasting not fade.

Russia Hermitage Collection of Antique Clocks

One of the world’s four major museums of Russia Hermitage collection of antique clocks more than 3,000 seats! Tsar heyday also have collected what baby? France bell What are the characteristics? Now watch the players, media people how to see the watch collection? What modern collectors feelings that? One of these questions have answers Rams weekend afternoon.

May 15, 2016, Wan-EU table clocks and collections Cultural Roundtable “Royal Taste and specialized collections” held in Guangzhou ink Gogh Museum, the forum hosted by Van table net, mainly around the Forums Russian Tsar Paul I watch collection, analytical stories behind the collection of the Tsar, and depth for the royal family and nobles major global timepiece collection value and the like.

The forum invited to watch the Russian Hermitage director Mikhail Lev ancient French history of the watch expert Zhang Yi, “Fashion Time” editor Pan arrow and “Million Table World” editor Xing force of heavyweight guests attended the session watch collection Wan table network founder Mr. Xiao Xiao, as a collector and the owner, also joined the discussion. Wan table as the largest network marketing platform watches, this watch collection organized by the Forum for the purpose of actually create a community of people who love the table. Wan table to “establish a antique clocks Conservation Foundation,” this idea by the media who revealed in his speech.

Those Watches are Priced No More than 5, 000 Yuan

A time when the summer, with the arrival of Mother’s Day, this year’s summer watch also be born. Emporio Armani selection of suitable wear simple watches to meet the needs of the vast majority of mothers, no ornate decoration, without too much functionality, simple a watch at any time with the mother around. For Mother’s Day intentions, Michael Kors is described as the most sincere, Mother’s Day and to launch a special watch and bracelet sets, I believe that every mother has the heart of beauty will all heart. Kate Spade New York is clever and witty, in the mother’s body is also good enough, who says her mother can not have a childlike innocence, delicate moon phase dial and detailed Martini glass ornament, to remind her mother also has its own rich life, time to give yourself a break, enjoy the fun of life.

Watch design ingenuity, with a square diamond instead of the traditional Roman numerals, while the color of fire and sparkling gem dial soft sheen stark contrast and extremely harmonious, like a mother caring for their children unlimited clever confirmed. More mixing stainless steel and gray leather strap to choose from, with the wrist color rendering colorful life.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made in the season vase, trying to watch the most noble recommend this Mother’s Day gift for her mother’s, women’s elegant natural distribution by the wrist. Watch itself exudes endless nostalgic charm of the classic brick red mother of pearl and soft, low-key and full of meaning.

Best Watch for Your Boyfriend

Spring open Pro, dating also more male flowers tickets, send perfume, send clothes, as a woman you can not vote do not have what it represents. If we run into his birthday, the more you should make a good showing of. But what gave him enough to send it innovative? Yes, you can send your watch.

In addition to traditional smart watch watch features, it is also derived from a very powerful health data monitoring, calls to remind, photographs and other remote control functions for modern young people, smart watch has become almost a standard.

However, many smart watches, whether the choice of which one do? If on the price, Xiao Bian here to recommend a specially designed for young people, very high cost of smart watches –HOLA smart watch.