Creat Endless That is More than Classic

“Doxa”, in Greek is the glory of Italy, a simple four letters of the alphabet to form a sonorous pronunciation of the brand. With the never-ending creativity, and professional tabulation process, creating a series of excellent watch, loved by people around the world. This year, Doxa Doxa S.A. with several classic series once again demonstrated its extraordinary watchmaking strength. BluePlanet® three different styles of surface material, blue and gold sand, Tiger Eye, agate stone, distinctive style, continuing the series of elegant traditional style, will surely become another annual classic.

Three new works with 42 mm diameter show his face, or all stainless steel case with 18K rose gold bezel, simple lines and neat, elegant and beautiful style. The surface sweep, Roman numerals and bar timing intervals eleven embellishment layout, more features at a glance 6 o’clock calendar window, adding to a practicality. Also watch superb design aesthetic seen in the crown, respectively corresponding blue bordered golden sand, tiger’s eye and agate stone, echoed with the surface, but also cast clasp 18K rose gold or stainless steel Doxa brand, memorable thoughts. Similarly Jiangxinduju watch list back, engraved with delicate three-dimensional pattern on a blue earth mother of pearl, a symbol of the sky, the mountains, the land of the three elements come together to implement a clear distinctive nature theme design, visual effects and surface as pleasing.

Each one printed “Chronometre” tag watch, rigorous testing required by COSC Swiss official Observatory testing organizations in order to obtain the relevant certification, accuracy is no doubt. Grand Mitt series Blue Planet® chronometer equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement, COSC after high specification standard certification, and “Chronometre” at 6 o’clock printed on the surface of certificates for identity, quality chasing.

The Exquisite Quality of Orient Star

East Shuangshi table since 1901, the East Japan time shop since its establishment, has been adhering to better master quality, ingenuity spirit, for the world to produce the best watches! Eastern Star, as one of the famous series table Orient, founded in 1951, . Eastern Star series automatic mechanical watches, design simple but elegant style. Its meaning “Oriental flashing Star” echoes. Diversified product models, its superb technology, sophisticated design are derived from Eastern Star rich history of precipitation.

Orient Watch Orient Star as one of the famous series, the Oriental heritage of the craftsmanship of the table. “Eastern Star – Full hollow dial” series is one of the Oriental style table in the Chinese market, the main push. Design beautiful, noble, especially the dial, all hollow design, so sophisticated movement unreserved presented in front; slim design, adds extraordinary taste.

Manual winding mechanical watch is to rely on manual twist spring for power, than the average thickness of the movement self-winding watch thin, relatively light weight watch it. The self-winding watches, automatic movement of the rotating disk utilization swing generates power to drive the winding, but relatively speaking manual winding watch thickness than the self-winding small.

Watch Retail in Hongkong Ran Into Downhill

Watch industry from 2012 gradually into the downhill, while the 2015 winter luxury watch industry is so beyond the reach bottom, many Hong Kong Watch retailers are miserable. Borel recently published a document, people sigh watch industry decline.

It is reported that a few days ago, Borel said in a statement, the single largest shareholder Lin Weihua Group has completed the transfer of their holdings of 9975.5 million shares in the 18th of this month, as the cost, the Group of HK $ 225 million acquisition. Lin Weihua personal Borel held shares representing approximately 28.71% of the issued shares.

According to previously released Borel fiscal year 2015 earnings, the 2015 fiscal year Borel turnover comparative fiscal 2014 recorded a 31.2% decline to HK $ 4.143 billion, while the gross margin fell to HK $ 2.381 billion, gross margin straight plummeted 57.5% . From a market point of view, Chinese market income fell 30.7%, Hong Kong and Macau market revenue dropped 38.5%.

Thus, the decision to promote the transfer of shares of Lin Weihua, probably due to the Borel from profit into loss in 2015, with Hong Kong retail overdue recovery dawn and watch industry has been in a position leading the decline, more people concerns.

Watches Firms Also Pursue Popular Colours

Not long ago, the international authoritative institutions Pantone color selected 2016 new fashion colors – Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz) and the quiet blue (Serenity), sweet pastel colors, I do not know how many of adorable girl’s mind. The most suitable of these two colors Summer is coming, do not hurry to wear!

Although the United States tired of these two colors, but will take slightly bad stage fright. But the monarch seal the world’s best dressed woman got Ken beans, Gigi, Miranda child Beckhams …… cures all kinds of hard to take. Not only is the dress, even as we watch are taken into account, Omega (Omega) Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch rose quartz blue dial and quiet, it is better to try?

For color rose quartz, with another word to describe the more figurative – rose quartz. It is a beautiful pale pink, even with a crystal-clear sense point. Rose quartz is recommended to consider short paragraph jacket light blue jeans; pink skirts, you can choose blue, white, light gray jacket; Surprisingly, powder and red is also very positive match, some of the lightweight embellishment would look pink very high; pink dress, it can be used with black high heels, so sweet too.

Miss Gao Bought A FIYTA Watch for Her Father

As a chronicler of time associated with watch fatherly motherly love, which can be spent with every second, every moment can be a miss. These days, enough to buy nets scored reservation hotline FIYTA watches in public, many of which are bought for the family, many of whom are young, hoping to special day to send one pair of parents to watch expression of mind.

“Before my dad had a FIYTA watches, wearing 10 years, he was very fond of, then watch broke, he has not had to buy a new table.” The day before yesterday, who lives in the city district Department of Finance public Fu Tingting scored Buy enough network hotline said that this year is the 30th anniversary of their parents married, she wanted to buy one pair to give parents FIYTA classic quartz watch, “life is the most precious time, a child, my dad’s watch is our family happiness that witness, now, I can not because of work often accompany parents around, hope this will give them bring warmth to the table. ”

90 years after Miss Gao also want to work with a classic FIYTA “Clover” watch to express love for her mother. “No matter how the years change, my mother in my heart will always be the most beautiful existence, this ‘Clover’ watch design is very clever, my mom wear must be very beautiful.”