The Top 20 Smart Watches for Elderly

According to published this month Jingyun brand competition standings, just in terms of comprehensive competitiveness ranking, 360, little genius, Huawei, Apple, Palm Aviation, Sogou, Mimi Hare, also ivy, Abba cho and Samsung were ranked Top10 in the Top10 list, there are seven flagship brand children’s watches, only three brands to emphasize movement or health monitoring watch concept. Worthy of attention is the emphasis on “old watch” Star concept of peace also impressive performance for the first time to advance the top20 (Note: Jingyun brand competition standings depending on the brand of pre-sale and after-sale comprehensive assessment of the performance).

According elite list released this month posted sales Top20 brands accounted for 60% of the online market share. Which ranked first in sales of Mimi rabbit, online market share close to 10%.

Combined sales volume and price segment together, end smart watches (priced at between 1000-1500) is less than the low-end product sales performance (1,000 yuan) and high-end products (more than 1500); in the low price segment products, microphone Mi rabbit sales champion, in the middle price segment products, Samsung and Ticwatch outstanding performance in high-price segment products, Apple and Huawei more color.

How Should We Use Fully Automatic Watches?

Use your finger back and forth on the bar is better, because the back and forth on the bar, use your fingers to ratchet back, so play rebound deceleration gear to prevent a collision, and back and forth on the bar is also very effort. If you always forward on the full winding closer, its greater rebound, each bar will appear on a rebound, but the rebound will increase each winding gear collide, the teeth sharp break easily.

Calculated in accordance with the gear ratio, turn the crown 18 laps more, you can go to meet the watch continued for 36 hours. However, because each person’s winding intensity is not the same, and different sizes within the crown waterproof apron friction, so when the mainspring is completely relaxed, the best rotation of the crown 20 laps or more. Tighten all spring, theoretically can be extended travel time 40 hours (except for special watch), but after 24 hours but can not guarantee the accuracy of the watch away.

When the balance spring at rest, to wind exert a certain moment, that is a layer of string, then do not shake the watch, and can automatically balance spring swing, then the high sensitivity of the watch. After the article if after shaking the watch needs to move, indicating that the low sensitivity of the watch. This phenomenon is generally balance wheel retardation caused by too much.

A Master of Watch Repair

One morning recently, repair master table Shen Miaogen arrived repair table nine points Qianqing Town supermarket next to rock, and so long fifty-six villagers there asked him to repair watches. Shen Miaogen open repair box, carefully neatly busy. More than an hour later, all the villagers repaired clocks back, happy to leave.

Shen Miaogen 74-year-old, is the town of Xia Lu Xia Lu Village people, junior middle school education, worked for four years of elementary school substitute teacher. “Three hundred and sixty, very best.” Shen Miaogen said his poor health, can not do heavy work, go to the city after the substitute teacher apprentice repairing clocks and watches. After the full division home, self-employment, and became a watchmaker repair.
In the 1980s, electronic watches have into the farm, but little repair master table. With the repair table technology savvy, improve, Shen Miaogen business increasingly prosperous, his first in the village to repair, then riding a bicycle to the town village, outside the town of Qianqing, Wu Tong, Keqiao, saddles and other places fixed, regular service rain or shine.

3 years ago day, Shen Miaogen a traffic accident on his way. But man resting at home, but my mind was thinking to repair the table, so the body has not fully recovered to adhere to go out. Shen Miaogen said that though this humble little table repair industry, he insisted more than 40 years, but also on watch repair money to prop up a home, then train two sons reading success, married. Today children Shiyeyoucheng home to live with gusto, but he still watch repair, because he loves the craft.

Hot Sale Smart Watch Market

In recent years, the momentum of hot intelligent wearable products, including smart watch this new thing. Since Apple introduced the Apple watch stimulating this market, the smart watch market began to erupt on the market. In fact, before Apple Watch officially on sale, the market has started selling smart watch product, although the price gap between the larger, but various brands of smart watch on the basic functions converge.

Public Ma’s daughter and now is on the fifth grade, these days Ma daughter feeling somewhat depressed, I asked and found her daughter in the class and some students wore smart watch, “he said to be able to call her a little envious, but also want to buy . “Ms. Ma later, the Internet looked under, too many types of smart watches, she worried about the poor quality cheap,” a thousand dollars and not suitable for children to wear, “and finally to discuss and daughter decided not to buy.

Reporters visited the market found in the city several large shopping malls area of ​​electrical and electronic products are also smart watches for sale, however, the kind of smart watches online is the “most complete” in. Reporters in Taobao search for “smart watch”, although not shown on Taobao specific number of items related products, but the page number reached 100, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other brands, also mixed with a lot of small domestic manufacturers introduced similar products. Price gap is large, some small manufacturers of products for the price of more than five hundred dollars, more low as seventy to eighty dollars, branded products generally to a thousand dollars, expensive and up to four or five thousand. Motion recording, music player, view the information, video camera and other smart watches, the most common main features. “Too expensive smart watches are likely to function is not complete, low quality.” One of the industry to remind the public to buy smart watch must choose the regular business, it is best to purchase brand-name products, brand-name products appear as non-users in the warranty period caused damage can be repaired or a new one.

Best Smart Watch on Which You Can Check Short Messages

Of course, there are some efforts to watch the traditional watch intelligent. Through continuous innovation and technology IT technology, the traditional function of the watch extending outward. Traditional watch has an intelligent digital product features and experiences. For example, sports pedometer, call alerts, message alerts, heart rate monitor, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring.

BLINBLIN Can Yiu smart watch has a traditional appearance of the watch, but also has a digital class smartwatch functionality. The watch Swiss movement watches, Swiss gold-plated steel glass film \ double Bu, calfskin belt \ leather Case 316L stainless steel, low-power Bluetooth4.0 smart, MCU ARM Cortex M0 16MHz processor, Formosa Yao equipped with motion sensors and pulse, and the pulse of the movement can be monitored. Process: CNC precision CNC machining process, plating Case: German vacuum technology using electroplating process. Yan is a high value high force grid intelligent wearable products. Next, we introduced one by one BLINBLIN Yao Can this smart watch.

You can watch Yao BLINBLIN call alerts. It is one of my very favorite features. Usually because too many harassing phone calls. Lying mostly muted. Busy, walking, driving, or when the meeting opened, afraid to miss important calls. The watch alerts calls by 0.69 “OLED display vibration and watch the screen to tell you the caller’s information. I will not let you miss important calls.

Mobile phone SMS alerts is also a very important feature that allows the phone in one of our silent environment will not miss the core functionality. Important messages at a glance. SMS can be found wherever we need.