TAG Heuer Repair Center in Financial Cities

With Apple smart watch apple watch the release of a traditional mechanical watch manufacturers receive a certain challenge. Such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other such top watch manufacturers, it seems that Apple’s action is completely cold, say it is understandable, after all, their price gap is too great, the target user is not at a level above. But there are also close to the people watch traditional manufacturers began to worry, the Internet giant face of frequent moves, TAG Heuer Tiger also lonely, let’s look at what Apple and other Internet giants are challenging traditional watch manufacturer.

Faced with the challenge of smart watches, the traditional watch manufacturer has been in a state of being beaten, shipments in the fourth quarter but less than the smart watch. Has been producing luxury watches, Swiss watchmaker began lowering prejudices, try to watch the production of smart products, one example is LVMH’s TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer), launched last year Connected soon started selling stock earlier announced a We will develop more Android Wear watches.

Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH when interviewed by the media revealed that another of its Swiss watch brand Hublot (Hublot) will launch a smart watch. Hublot is yet to know whether the use of Android Wear smart watch system, also have no precise launch schedule and estimated price.

Mechanical Watches are Mostly Considered as Fully Automatic Ones

The mainspring gradually tightened, with the increase in torque, the balance wheel swing is bound to increase. When all the tight winding, the maximum working torque, the watch will exercise. As the balance wheel swings up to a certain swing still not required, it is necessary to consider the adequacy of the output torque of the mainspring. Output torque over the General Assembly have a “hit pendulum” phenomenon. Clockwork appear at any time, greater volatility, speed oscillation mechanism once the elapsed time will change faster or slower phenomenon occurs when the watch go, this time working with the mainspring output torque uneven related.

In general, the first watch on the chain, has worn more than 8 hours, the standing time will not be less than 36 hours, if the normal daily wear has worn eight hours, enough power for mechanical watches, as watches You will not always need on the chain clockwork. When mechanical stops not go, then spring is the time when you want to wear. If you do not want to watch a “strike” of the state, it must be worn daily.

Normal wear, to avoid shock, appropriate amount of activity, to enable it to continue on the bar, the normal operation, although the shock watches, but in the outside world is easy to make a strong impact pendulum pivot or journal broken gear train, can make impact shock when walking speed needle.

Swiss Watch Faces the Greatest Crisis Ever Since

“The Swiss watch industry is currently facing a great crisis.” Geneva time on April 21, Nanfang Daily multinational investigation team arrived in Europe from Germany to another manufacturing country – Switzerland. In Geneva this famous timepiece of the city, members of the Swiss Watch Industry, Cedric Berruex well-known high-end brands Piaget jewelry manufacturing and design research group and director talked about the centuries-old Swiss watch industry.

Cedric Berruex say, this is not the first crisis faced by the Swiss watch industry. In the 1970s, the Swiss watch has suffered from the impact of Japanese quartz watches. In this crisis almost defeated the Swiss watch industry, the Swiss government is reaching out to make “Swiss made” to continue enduring 400 years. Today, “Swiss made” are not only synonymous with Swiss watches, precision machinery manufacturing and even medicine and medical industry have become representative of “Swiss made”, the world’s two largest pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche are from only 41,000 square kilometers of this small countries.

In these “world” behind the lakes and mountains of Switzerland is actually a resource-poor, inaccessible country, but it is how to create the economic miracle? And how to create a lot of world-renowned “Swiss made” brand?

Indispensable Accessories for Attractive Women

Jaquet Droz watches women watch is the most cherished jewelry, watches a delicate time can pour the wrist, youth show women in different occasions to wear a suit to manifest their own wrist watches elegant and intellectual maturity. Yakedeluo Art Studio watchmakers effort to render gorgeous timepiece designed to sparkle against the background of a unique personality and charm of a woman.

Yakedeluo 8- elegant flower rhyme ring above the wrist watch a show crafted song do its wonderful lotus, in the light irradiation exudes dreamy luster. 2016, Jacques de white mother of pearl the skin as creamy muscle snow, life rich texture of the material applied to the 8- elegant flower rhyme dial, carefully crafted a unique sense of texture and light mother of pearl , with a gentle and charming elegance, in the light irradiation show a colorful transformation. The 18K red gold case set with 114 diamonds, making the dial more bright. Wear chic and elegant it makes you full luxury aristocratic style.

Jacques de Luo Taiyang stone small hours of dial watches sun stone dissipate unique brilliance, its internal foil in magical dazzling brilliance shine Shining sun stone contains the magic and the Sun Yun-century Venetian gold Elegance, as if to wrist adds a touch of mystery magic wear elegant simplicity which makes you unconsciously show chic and elegant charm.

Business on Recycling Broken Luxury Watches

Rolex watches recovered, the brand is level with the configuration of different brands, prices recovered the watch will be a lot worse. Rolex 116233 Rolex Datejust series belongs, brands and styles are more popular on the market, so the recovery of prices and discounts are relatively high.

Mostly in about 3 fold, particularly pawn price pressure is very low general recovery of the watch. This discount recovered Rolex watch this brand is not without, but mostly quartz watch, quartz watch is not worth Logically but a quartz female form also serves decent tens of thousands, this is the main brand value. But not the same mechanical watches, mechanical watches are often on expensive recovery 1-2 proportional quartz watch.

In the sections of Rolex watches, precious metals case naturally more expensive, especially the use of platinum is the most expensive. Also tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are more expensive, than the normal style shaped case expensive. Real diamonds or other precious stones inlaid jewelry of watches, the price is even more incredible.

Rolex Datejust automatic mechanical watch series 116233, the shell is 18k gold / stainless steel Watch mirror with anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, as well as anti-reflective convex lens type zoom (2.5x) calendar window, while on the dial also set with diamonds, Rolex Furthermore, 116,233 more popular styles, thus recovering discount this table is very good. Recycling prices generally around 30,000.