Diamonds Fell Off on Tissot Watch

Last July, my husband bought a Tissot 8,000 dollars, but maybe four or five months, set off a small diamond on the table, my husband put a period of time, did not have time for this thing, and then take the store to see, it has been closed. We wanted not afraid, there are other stores, other stores and then take, say will not be accepted, because it is not a boss, they are in Xiamen, not a boss so whether this thing, and then he said take a Tissot maintenance Guangzhou repair shop, needs its own expense.

We felt a lot of trouble, I would like to say that we forget to find someone to repair Well, we just inside the local watch repair shop to ask for a moment, just 80 dollars, but the watch repair master said, if they opened the cover, move over after manufacturers do not recognize, even if there are quality problems, regardless of the manufacturer. So we think it is better to find the factory to repair it, the results turned out that we went to the mall store, they let us go to the store to get another one, but after the take over, they said shedding problem is caused by us, because generally will not fall off, and certainly we fell to the ground, but our impression is no such thing, or else we would not have been thinking about the watch can find manufacturers warranty. They said that if we give the repair, but also two thousand three hundred, our hearts are surprised, how expensive it would be, not to say 80 dollars on it.

Buy brand watches only less than six months there have been cases of diamonds off, and now sell table counter has disappeared, you can repair the table “Guide” also demanded a high amount of repairs. This allows Miss Choi began to doubt, Zhongshan West “days of Joy” mall to buy, in the end is not genuine Tissot watch.

Automatic Mechanical Watch Does Not Go Now

Rely on mechanical clockwork winding powered by gear to time. Divided into manual winding mechanical watches and automatic winding. Since the structure is more complex, more heavy phenotypic. Because the characteristics of travel time principle, subject to the effects of gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, the use of other reasons.

Activities mainly from the wrist of the wearer, flying tourbillon watch activities carried out at the time of the master swing, giving the watch winders, so when the wearer is not the usual activity or long periods of wear, the force will be less than the string or vent, resulting in mechanical watches or are not allowed to stop and go travel.

Mechanical watch does not might be underpowered watch stopped because, if the watch is placed too long or less daily exercise arm, the watch mainspring capacity because of lack of winding and prone to shut down at night or when you are not allowed to go phenomenon. You need an appropriate increase if the above phenomenon occurs when the watch activities or evening before the break level shake off the watch for about 2 minutes, if one wants to go watch longer can shake for 4 minutes. If you watch a hand chain function is recommended on the full string manually in the clockwise direction, and we recommend that you wear last more than eight hours a day, so you can ensure sufficient energy.

If not for this reason it may be a problem with gossamer. The large amount of exercise relatively tight winding. If this is the winding mechanism have led to power shortage problems, usually occur in the evening from nine o’clock to twelve o’clock, (with calendar function table) because this time the start of the hour wheel driven calendar wheel, load, and if it is easy in this underpowered period of time to stop, but for that watch is broken, it is recommended to professional organizations or warranty replacement.

The Effect of Consumption Update on Domestic Watch Industry

Relying on domestic watch brand Guangdong mature and complete industrial chain advantage, to meet the rapid expansion of the channel under the major trend line, quickly occupy the market, and everyone earned pours, director of Porsche in Changsha Shengxi CCTV reporters interview, confirmed to reporters this view, “in recent years, Porsche-year growth of more than 30%!” imperial Star chairman Zhang Yizhi said that its annual growth rate of about 20% to 30%.

China-made watches in the rapid development, has also said that the way the second-largest Japanese brand watches country mercilessly suppress the overall 2015 Citizen Guangzhou factory suddenly declared bankruptcy, can be said that the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market as a sign of decline event, at present, the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market has been difficult.

The rapid development of China-made watch brand, fast shrinking Japanese watch brand a few years, the domestic watch market has formed a new pattern – A representative of Swiss watches imported table and Shenzhen as the representative of the domestic table confrontation between the two camps.

Domestic watch brand is naturally formed four echelon, the first is headed by FIYTA wave, Rossini, King of the four old brand camp, known as the first echelon; from the second echelon is Wenzhou four second-tier brand created for representatives of the four brands are Renault, Porsche, gaya, ancient statue in the industry known as Wenzhou four brands; third echelon, west of Tang, Laoshi Dayton, Xinghuang, led by the local market or local channel development good domestic brand watches, as well as some once red-hot moment of the old brand, such as Shanghai, seagulls; a fourth echelon is based on station Road West, Guangzhou resident, wholesale sales mainly in the form of domestic brands. This four camps, after the market is relatively stable, each has a different way to survive, healthy competition among each other, harmonious development.

Special Watch for Business Women

Ulysse Nardin first female table series designed and developed for the self-movement, is unique, “exquisite jade” unique concept watch design is no need to press or pull out the crown, it is possible to adjust the date and time. Citie heart device will not cause harm to the ladies of the nails, the crown position by replacing the ‘1-2-3’, each operation is simple forward or backward rotation of the crown, no need to pull the crown out, also do not have to guess whether the current number of segments in the adjustment date or time. “Delicate” watch operation is very simple, elegant and gorgeous, ladies watch choice.

Delicate Jade “silicon-bonded material application, enhance its practicality. Silicon is an advanced material, has many advantages, one of which is not affected by magnetic fields. Ladies can rest assured to wear, because the watch functions will not interfere with mobile phones and other electromagnetic waves are caused when you go to shut down. “Delicate” is both stylish and practical, by the ladies of all ages, Ulysse Nardin strong re-introduce “Delicate” stainless steel watch.

Elegant “exquisite jade”, reminiscent of oriental royal noble image. Diamonds around the mother of pearl dial, like the teardrop-shaped pointer, are like dial dropped, sparking diamond soft ripples on the dial, the watch is decorated with elegance. Topic curve in the time scale watch continuation bold rich color, with stainless steel case, show confidence and strong. Seen in this unique combination of soft and just create a great masterpiece.

Man Has Repaired Watches for Many Years

Master Zhou Wenlong Zhou Daming, 60, Zhangzhou. Childhood like all kinds of watches, junior high school to start learning to repair the table, in 1979, officially opened his own watch repair career. Over the years, he has been working in Xiamen Shen old line of watches.

Repair of the table is a handwork, is a cumulative process. Master Zhou said: “The repair of the table for many years to learn, not only to know a variety of tables, but also understand the watch every piece structure, function and how to fix it.” The eighties and nineties, the repair is more than the domestic table , now mostly all kinds of brand name watches Swiss or Japanese.

In addition to the week of the master Xiamen enjoyed a high reputation, but also attracted many foreign friends to come and repair his watch. One Jiangxi tourists 20 years ago to find Xiamen Tourism Master Zhou had repaired a table, a few days ago, even through the network to find the week of the master, and the list sent to the store, but also a postscript saying “only you here repair of the table I was assured. ” Zhou master this very emotion, “so customers can be sure of my labor, very happy!”

Just then, an uncle took over a quartz watch to replace the battery. He said: “Zhou master repair the table a lot of experience, I have a Swiss watch to find a lot of places are not fix it, then let it master or weeks ‘revive’ the so then my family and relatives and friends of the tables to him. to repair, electronic and quartz watches here to replace the battery, mechanical maintenance when asked him to adjust. ”

In order to serve more friends this month, 20 – 22, the public can take to the mechanical watch Shen Siming South at 22 weeks to find a line of watches master free testing proofreading, and 60 years of age or older with ID cards free of charge to replace the battery.