Those Watches are Priced No More than 5, 000 Yuan

A time when the summer, with the arrival of Mother’s Day, this year’s summer watch also be born. Emporio Armani selection of suitable wear simple watches to meet the needs of the vast majority of mothers, no ornate decoration, without too much functionality, simple a watch at any time with the mother around. For Mother’s Day intentions, Michael Kors is described as the most sincere, Mother’s Day and to launch a special watch and bracelet sets, I believe that every mother has the heart of beauty will all heart. Kate Spade New York is clever and witty, in the mother’s body is also good enough, who says her mother can not have a childlike innocence, delicate moon phase dial and detailed Martini glass ornament, to remind her mother also has its own rich life, time to give yourself a break, enjoy the fun of life.

Watch design ingenuity, with a square diamond instead of the traditional Roman numerals, while the color of fire and sparkling gem dial soft sheen stark contrast and extremely harmonious, like a mother caring for their children unlimited clever confirmed. More mixing stainless steel and gray leather strap to choose from, with the wrist color rendering colorful life.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made in the season vase, trying to watch the most noble recommend this Mother’s Day gift for her mother’s, women’s elegant natural distribution by the wrist. Watch itself exudes endless nostalgic charm of the classic brick red mother of pearl and soft, low-key and full of meaning.

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