Russia Hermitage Collection of Antique Clocks

One of the world’s four major museums of Russia Hermitage collection of antique clocks more than 3,000 seats! Tsar heyday also have collected what baby? France bell What are the characteristics? Now watch the players, media people how to see the watch collection? What modern collectors feelings that? One of these questions have answers Rams weekend afternoon.

May 15, 2016, Wan-EU table clocks and collections Cultural Roundtable “Royal Taste and specialized collections” held in Guangzhou ink Gogh Museum, the forum hosted by Van table net, mainly around the Forums Russian Tsar Paul I watch collection, analytical stories behind the collection of the Tsar, and depth for the royal family and nobles major global timepiece collection value and the like.

The forum invited to watch the Russian Hermitage director Mikhail Lev ancient French history of the watch expert Zhang Yi, “Fashion Time” editor Pan arrow and “Million Table World” editor Xing force of heavyweight guests attended the session watch collection Wan table network founder Mr. Xiao Xiao, as a collector and the owner, also joined the discussion. Wan table as the largest network marketing platform watches, this watch collection organized by the Forum for the purpose of actually create a community of people who love the table. Wan table to “establish a antique clocks Conservation Foundation,” this idea by the media who revealed in his speech.

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