High Water-proof Watch Under 50 Meters

2015 can be said that children’s intelligence wearable device shine year many brands have launched children watch phone:! 360, Aba town, after sugar cat, Huawei and other small K. However, from the beginning of June has popped up a dark horse! – Little Genius watch phone a few months it swept the country! Recently, the little genius watch phone also played the “smart water” concept, introduced the “watch phone waterproof version”, favored to win a good reputation, steadily got into the industry leading position!

Water level high! Spike similar products! Little Genius watch phone waterproof version waterproof rating of IPX7, water level relative to the current market similar waterproof watch waterproof children’s intelligence level is generally IPX5-IPX6, and little genius first watch phone products almost. Little genius first watch phone waterproof rating of IPX5 routine hand washing prevents splashes and sprays drinks, while the new version waterproof watch phone waterproof rating is reached IPX7. Theoretically soak for 30 minutes in cold water half a meter deep is not a quality problem. But Xiao Bian is still recommended that children take a bath or swim Oh!

Soaked remind parents more peace of mind! Other similar waterproof products just to protect the machine and do a basic water treatment. The waterproof version of the small genius watch phone in addition to water, but also thoughtful design of the flood damage reminder function. Watch completely immersed in water for about 10 seconds will appear bright screen reminders, but also feedback to the phone APP, to remind parents children may play in the water. Allowing parents to keep abreast of the status of children, and in time to stop security risks.

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