Watch Retail in Hongkong Ran Into Downhill

Watch industry from 2012 gradually into the downhill, while the 2015 winter luxury watch industry is so beyond the reach bottom, many Hong Kong Watch retailers are miserable. Borel recently published a document, people sigh watch industry decline.

It is reported that a few days ago, Borel said in a statement, the single largest shareholder Lin Weihua Group has completed the transfer of their holdings of 9975.5 million shares in the 18th of this month, as the cost, the Group of HK $ 225 million acquisition. Lin Weihua personal Borel held shares representing approximately 28.71% of the issued shares.

According to previously released Borel fiscal year 2015 earnings, the 2015 fiscal year Borel turnover comparative fiscal 2014 recorded a 31.2% decline to HK $ 4.143 billion, while the gross margin fell to HK $ 2.381 billion, gross margin straight plummeted 57.5% . From a market point of view, Chinese market income fell 30.7%, Hong Kong and Macau market revenue dropped 38.5%.

Thus, the decision to promote the transfer of shares of Lin Weihua, probably due to the Borel from profit into loss in 2015, with Hong Kong retail overdue recovery dawn and watch industry has been in a position leading the decline, more people concerns.

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