The Exquisite Quality of Orient Star

East Shuangshi table since 1901, the East Japan time shop since its establishment, has been adhering to better master quality, ingenuity spirit, for the world to produce the best watches! Eastern Star, as one of the famous series table Orient, founded in 1951, . Eastern Star series automatic mechanical watches, design simple but elegant style. Its meaning “Oriental flashing Star” echoes. Diversified product models, its superb technology, sophisticated design are derived from Eastern Star rich history of precipitation.

Orient Watch Orient Star as one of the famous series, the Oriental heritage of the craftsmanship of the table. “Eastern Star – Full hollow dial” series is one of the Oriental style table in the Chinese market, the main push. Design beautiful, noble, especially the dial, all hollow design, so sophisticated movement unreserved presented in front; slim design, adds extraordinary taste.

Manual winding mechanical watch is to rely on manual twist spring for power, than the average thickness of the movement self-winding watch thin, relatively light weight watch it. The self-winding watches, automatic movement of the rotating disk utilization swing generates power to drive the winding, but relatively speaking manual winding watch thickness than the self-winding small.

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