Miss Gao Bought A FIYTA Watch for Her Father

As a chronicler of time associated with watch fatherly motherly love, which can be spent with every second, every moment can be a miss. These days, enough to buy nets scored reservation hotline FIYTA watches in public, many of which are bought for the family, many of whom are young, hoping to special day to send one pair of parents to watch expression of mind.

“Before my dad had a FIYTA watches, wearing 10 years, he was very fond of, then watch broke, he has not had to buy a new table.” The day before yesterday, who lives in the city district Department of Finance public Fu Tingting scored Buy enough network hotline said that this year is the 30th anniversary of their parents married, she wanted to buy one pair to give parents FIYTA classic quartz watch, “life is the most precious time, a child, my dad’s watch is our family happiness that witness, now, I can not because of work often accompany parents around, hope this will give them bring warmth to the table. ”

90 years after Miss Gao also want to work with a classic FIYTA “Clover” watch to express love for her mother. “No matter how the years change, my mother in my heart will always be the most beautiful existence, this ‘Clover’ watch design is very clever, my mom wear must be very beautiful.”

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