The Top 20 Smart Watches for Elderly

According to published this month Jingyun brand competition standings, just in terms of comprehensive competitiveness ranking, 360, little genius, Huawei, Apple, Palm Aviation, Sogou, Mimi Hare, also ivy, Abba cho and Samsung were ranked Top10 in the Top10 list, there are seven flagship brand children’s watches, only three brands to emphasize movement or health monitoring watch concept. Worthy of attention is the emphasis on “old watch” Star concept of peace also impressive performance for the first time to advance the top20 (Note: Jingyun brand competition standings depending on the brand of pre-sale and after-sale comprehensive assessment of the performance).

According elite list released this month posted sales Top20 brands accounted for 60% of the online market share. Which ranked first in sales of Mimi rabbit, online market share close to 10%.

Combined sales volume and price segment together, end smart watches (priced at between 1000-1500) is less than the low-end product sales performance (1,000 yuan) and high-end products (more than 1500); in the low price segment products, microphone Mi rabbit sales champion, in the middle price segment products, Samsung and Ticwatch outstanding performance in high-price segment products, Apple and Huawei more color.

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