How Should We Use Fully Automatic Watches?

Use your finger back and forth on the bar is better, because the back and forth on the bar, use your fingers to ratchet back, so play rebound deceleration gear to prevent a collision, and back and forth on the bar is also very effort. If you always forward on the full winding closer, its greater rebound, each bar will appear on a rebound, but the rebound will increase each winding gear collide, the teeth sharp break easily.

Calculated in accordance with the gear ratio, turn the crown 18 laps more, you can go to meet the watch continued for 36 hours. However, because each person’s winding intensity is not the same, and different sizes within the crown waterproof apron friction, so when the mainspring is completely relaxed, the best rotation of the crown 20 laps or more. Tighten all spring, theoretically can be extended travel time 40 hours (except for special watch), but after 24 hours but can not guarantee the accuracy of the watch away.

When the balance spring at rest, to wind exert a certain moment, that is a layer of string, then do not shake the watch, and can automatically balance spring swing, then the high sensitivity of the watch. After the article if after shaking the watch needs to move, indicating that the low sensitivity of the watch. This phenomenon is generally balance wheel retardation caused by too much.

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