Hot Sale Smart Watch Market

In recent years, the momentum of hot intelligent wearable products, including smart watch this new thing. Since Apple introduced the Apple watch stimulating this market, the smart watch market began to erupt on the market. In fact, before Apple Watch officially on sale, the market has started selling smart watch product, although the price gap between the larger, but various brands of smart watch on the basic functions converge.

Public Ma’s daughter and now is on the fifth grade, these days Ma daughter feeling somewhat depressed, I asked and found her daughter in the class and some students wore smart watch, “he said to be able to call her a little envious, but also want to buy . “Ms. Ma later, the Internet looked under, too many types of smart watches, she worried about the poor quality cheap,” a thousand dollars and not suitable for children to wear, “and finally to discuss and daughter decided not to buy.

Reporters visited the market found in the city several large shopping malls area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectrical and electronic products are also smart watches for sale, however, the kind of smart watches online is the “most complete” in. Reporters in Taobao search for “smart watch”, although not shown on Taobao specific number of items related products, but the page number reached 100, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other brands, also mixed with a lot of small domestic manufacturers introduced similar products. Price gap is large, some small manufacturers of products for the price of more than five hundred dollars, more low as seventy to eighty dollars, branded products generally to a thousand dollars, expensive and up to four or five thousand. Motion recording, music player, view the information, video camera and other smart watches, the most common main features. “Too expensive smart watches are likely to function is not complete, low quality.” One of the industry to remind the public to buy smart watch must choose the regular business, it is best to purchase brand-name products, brand-name products appear as non-users in the warranty period caused damage can be repaired or a new one.

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