A Master of Watch Repair

One morning recently, repair master table Shen Miaogen arrived repair table nine points Qianqing Town supermarket next to rock, and so long fifty-six villagers there asked him to repair watches. Shen Miaogen open repair box, carefully neatly busy. More than an hour later, all the villagers repaired clocks back, happy to leave.

Shen Miaogen 74-year-old, is the town of Xia Lu Xia Lu Village people, junior middle school education, worked for four years of elementary school substitute teacher. “Three hundred and sixty, very best.” Shen Miaogen said his poor health, can not do heavy work, go to the city after the substitute teacher apprentice repairing clocks and watches. After the full division home, self-employment, and became a watchmaker repair.
In the 1980s, electronic watches have into the farm, but little repair master table. With the repair table technology savvy, improve, Shen Miaogen business increasingly prosperous, his first in the village to repair, then riding a bicycle to the town village, outside the town of Qianqing, Wu Tong, Keqiao, saddles and other places fixed, regular service rain or shine.

3 years ago day, Shen Miaogen a traffic accident on his way. But man resting at home, but my mind was thinking to repair the table, so the body has not fully recovered to adhere to go out. Shen Miaogen said that though this humble little table repair industry, he insisted more than 40 years, but also on watch repair money to prop up a home, then train two sons reading success, married. Today children Shiyeyoucheng home to live with gusto, but he still watch repair, because he loves the craft.

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