Master Zhou Saved Lives of So Many Watches

Watches, is one of the 1950’s and 1960’s “four pieces.” At that time, with a Shanghai brand watch is a thing worth showing off. And now, more and more people choose to use an alternative phone watches, luxury watches more as a status symbol to be covered up. With vintage watches gradually be forgotten, as well as watch repair industry.

96811 watch repairman Zhou master said, he loves to watch the others can not understand, and this is his twenty years as one day insist on repair of the table causes. Take a look at the hand, he knew where the trouble lies. In addition to relying on experience, he will himself specializes in all kinds of watches and clocks tools books.

Zhou said the master, repair of the table is learning to construct sophisticated table inside organs clouds, such as watches, a “stolen Stop” fault, case books have given in more than one hundred kinds, although usually repair the table by more experience, but It is also inseparable from book knowledge. Repair of the table is the most difficult job gossamer dressing forceps need to have contact with gossamer nip area, leveling adjustment are to circle round and round repeatedly. Zhou said the master gossamer adjustment only requires a lot of patience, and even need to have a good mood, to exclude all other thoughts, the adjustment procedure may also need to breathless.

Russia Hermitage Collection of Antique Clocks

One of the world’s four major museums of Russia Hermitage collection of antique clocks more than 3,000 seats! Tsar heyday also have collected what baby? France bell What are the characteristics? Now watch the players, media people how to see the watch collection? What modern collectors feelings that? One of these questions have answers Rams weekend afternoon.

May 15, 2016, Wan-EU table clocks and collections Cultural Roundtable “Royal Taste and specialized collections” held in Guangzhou ink Gogh Museum, the forum hosted by Van table net, mainly around the Forums Russian Tsar Paul I watch collection, analytical stories behind the collection of the Tsar, and depth for the royal family and nobles major global timepiece collection value and the like.

The forum invited to watch the Russian Hermitage director Mikhail Lev ancient French history of the watch expert Zhang Yi, “Fashion Time” editor Pan arrow and “Million Table World” editor Xing force of heavyweight guests attended the session watch collection Wan table network founder Mr. Xiao Xiao, as a collector and the owner, also joined the discussion. Wan table as the largest network marketing platform watches, this watch collection organized by the Forum for the purpose of actually create a community of people who love the table. Wan table to “establish a antique clocks Conservation Foundation,” this idea by the media who revealed in his speech.

Specially Discounted Watch for Your House

With the improvement of living standards, quality of life of modern people more and more attention, from the most basic of basic necessities of life, to entertainment, each link reveals the modern pursuit of quality of life. As the most basic demands of life, not just people’s houses have habitat, its elegant decor is a perfect reflection of the taste of the owner.

A taste of the people, will pay special attention to every detail of the house, a large table, small pot of flowers. Chic home decoration always shines, chic and full of creative design, home decor and complement each other. Unique taste, always memorable.

Just two people into the marriage hall, the future is full of expectations too. Newlyweds sweetness and happiness filled in every corner of the room, whether it is red hi word, a new sofa, or which one wall is filled with romantic and sweet wall clock. Together a life with you, every second is happiness.

Watch Retail in Hongkong Ran Into Downhill

Watch industry from 2012 gradually into the downhill, while the 2015 winter luxury watch industry is so beyond the reach bottom, many Hong Kong Watch retailers are miserable. Borel recently published a document, people sigh watch industry decline.

It is reported that a few days ago, Borel said in a statement, the single largest shareholder Lin Weihua Group has completed the transfer of their holdings of 9975.5 million shares in the 18th of this month, as the cost, the Group of HK $ 225 million acquisition. Lin Weihua personal Borel held shares representing approximately 28.71% of the issued shares.

According to previously released Borel fiscal year 2015 earnings, the 2015 fiscal year Borel turnover comparative fiscal 2014 recorded a 31.2% decline to HK $ 4.143 billion, while the gross margin fell to HK $ 2.381 billion, gross margin straight plummeted 57.5% . From a market point of view, Chinese market income fell 30.7%, Hong Kong and Macau market revenue dropped 38.5%.

Thus, the decision to promote the transfer of shares of Lin Weihua, probably due to the Borel from profit into loss in 2015, with Hong Kong retail overdue recovery dawn and watch industry has been in a position leading the decline, more people concerns.

A Master of Watch Repair

One morning recently, repair master table Shen Miaogen arrived repair table nine points Qianqing Town supermarket next to rock, and so long fifty-six villagers there asked him to repair watches. Shen Miaogen open repair box, carefully neatly busy. More than an hour later, all the villagers repaired clocks back, happy to leave.

Shen Miaogen 74-year-old, is the town of Xia Lu Xia Lu Village people, junior middle school education, worked for four years of elementary school substitute teacher. “Three hundred and sixty, very best.” Shen Miaogen said his poor health, can not do heavy work, go to the city after the substitute teacher apprentice repairing clocks and watches. After the full division home, self-employment, and became a watchmaker repair.
In the 1980s, electronic watches have into the farm, but little repair master table. With the repair table technology savvy, improve, Shen Miaogen business increasingly prosperous, his first in the village to repair, then riding a bicycle to the town village, outside the town of Qianqing, Wu Tong, Keqiao, saddles and other places fixed, regular service rain or shine.

3 years ago day, Shen Miaogen a traffic accident on his way. But man resting at home, but my mind was thinking to repair the table, so the body has not fully recovered to adhere to go out. Shen Miaogen said that though this humble little table repair industry, he insisted more than 40 years, but also on watch repair money to prop up a home, then train two sons reading success, married. Today children Shiyeyoucheng home to live with gusto, but he still watch repair, because he loves the craft.

Swiss Watch Faces the Greatest Crisis Ever Since

“The Swiss watch industry is currently facing a great crisis.” Geneva time on April 21, Nanfang Daily multinational investigation team arrived in Europe from Germany to another manufacturing country – Switzerland. In Geneva this famous timepiece of the city, members of the Swiss Watch Industry, Cedric Berruex well-known high-end brands Piaget jewelry manufacturing and design research group and director talked about the centuries-old Swiss watch industry.

Cedric Berruex say, this is not the first crisis faced by the Swiss watch industry. In the 1970s, the Swiss watch has suffered from the impact of Japanese quartz watches. In this crisis almost defeated the Swiss watch industry, the Swiss government is reaching out to make “Swiss made” to continue enduring 400 years. Today, “Swiss made” are not only synonymous with Swiss watches, precision machinery manufacturing and even medicine and medical industry have become representative of “Swiss made”, the world’s two largest pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche are from only 41,000 square kilometers of this small countries.

In these “world” behind the lakes and mountains of Switzerland is actually a resource-poor, inaccessible country, but it is how to create the economic miracle? And how to create a lot of world-renowned “Swiss made” brand?

The Effect of Consumption Update on Domestic Watch Industry

Relying on domestic watch brand Guangdong mature and complete industrial chain advantage, to meet the rapid expansion of the channel under the major trend line, quickly occupy the market, and everyone earned pours, director of Porsche in Changsha Shengxi CCTV reporters interview, confirmed to reporters this view, “in recent years, Porsche-year growth of more than 30%!” imperial Star chairman Zhang Yizhi said that its annual growth rate of about 20% to 30%.

China-made watches in the rapid development, has also said that the way the second-largest Japanese brand watches country mercilessly suppress the overall 2015 Citizen Guangzhou factory suddenly declared bankruptcy, can be said that the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market as a sign of decline event, at present, the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market has been difficult.

The rapid development of China-made watch brand, fast shrinking Japanese watch brand a few years, the domestic watch market has formed a new pattern – A representative of Swiss watches imported table and Shenzhen as the representative of the domestic table confrontation between the two camps.

Domestic watch brand is naturally formed four echelon, the first is headed by FIYTA wave, Rossini, King of the four old brand camp, known as the first echelon; from the second echelon is Wenzhou four second-tier brand created for representatives of the four brands are Renault, Porsche, gaya, ancient statue in the industry known as Wenzhou four brands; third echelon, west of Tang, Laoshi Dayton, Xinghuang, led by the local market or local channel development good domestic brand watches, as well as some once red-hot moment of the old brand, such as Shanghai, seagulls; a fourth echelon is based on station Road West, Guangzhou resident, wholesale sales mainly in the form of domestic brands. This four camps, after the market is relatively stable, each has a different way to survive, healthy competition among each other, harmonious development.

An Old Man’s Watch Has Been Stolen When He was Out

Hayat May 9 hearing the other day, Nangang District, Harbin, Building 5, openly celebrating cell to an uninvited guest, she took advantage of an opportunity to forget to lock the door of the old man slipped out of the house, one of more than 7,000 yuan by the watch this missing. However, she did not know his actions were all filmed indoor surveillance. Currently, the old man’s daughter has been reported.

The people Ms. Wang told reporters that his parents have been nearly 90 years because of concerns during the work day, parents appear unexpectedly, their children in the parents’ house to install a surveillance camera. At 12:40 on April 11 Xu, Wang and using a mobile phone to view their parents, and found only the mother at home, the door ajar, when a middle-aged woman walked into the house constantly, Ms. Wang’s mother asked her doing, the woman was said to inquire about individuals. Ms. Wang’s mother said, “their bad memory, people do not know.” Hearing this, the middle-aged woman walked out. Soon after, Ms. Wang’s mother to go out, but the door did not lock. After Ms. Wang’s mother down the stairs, just to find out that the daughters of men, and even open the door slipped into the house, monitor the woman turning items inside shooting down move.

Reporter Ms. Wang provided surveillance video to see middle-aged woman of about 1.63 meters tall, wearing dark pink coat, black pants with floral and deep pink sneakers, she was in bed, cupboard, drawer everywhere rummage, even under vases and pocket each garment are allowed. “I look at parents’ home into a thief, then quickly hit the car in the past, can be arrived at, that were Nvzei’s gone.” Ms. Wang said, the parents because of advanced age, poor memory, does not yet checked out the missing the article can be found Ms. Wang, her parents’ home before falling a value of more than 7,000 yuan watch was gone one day. Subsequently, Ms. Wang called the police.

Famous Watch Brand Held Show in Bogota

Famous Swiss watch brand Omega (OMEGA) in Bogota, Colombia (Bogota, Colombia) glory released a new Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch. Omega celebrity ambassadors Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford) and other guests attended the grand celebration at the Grand Theatre in Faenza (Faenza Theatre) held.

The grand conference in Bogota held again demonstrated the importance of Omega South American markets, as well as the determination of the further development of the brand in Colombia. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch with a plurality of sizes, materials and colors different watch styles, designed for the pursuit of luxury fashion and elegance of women DEDECATES.

Cindy Crawford is perhaps Ms. Omega released a new watch collection of the best candidate, she had joined the Omega family since 1995. As a well-known fashion icon, Cindy and I was the new Seamaster Aqua Terra Ladies watch fans. On the day’s activities, her passion to share in the Colombian capital spent wonderful time.

“Bogota is a unique city. We specially to feel its charm. I visited the salt mine, Monserrate (Monserrate) and the historic center of Bogota where a pleasant climate, delicious food, let the people of this city full of goodwill. I’ve fallen in love this city. “

Good-looking Watches You Should Have During Spring Outside Travel

Bulgari Lucea series on the one hand has a unique and readily identifiable symbol of Barton is one hour Bulgari very representative features, on the other hand not too conspicuous, continued to show a low-key and unique recognizable contemporary elegance. So this Bulgari Lucea watches is actually suited for a variety of occasions to wear, it is wild with your different styles.

This year Tiger TAG Heuer Aquaracer Aquaracer Ladies watch series debut full ceramic ladies watch, the women’s elegance and charm to the extreme. Or white, or black, using the most sophisticated of the most precious materials – shiny and brilliant diamonds rose gold, with a more atmospheric dimension – diameter expanded from the previous 27 or 32-35 mm, without any tedious details, common presenting perfect match.

Chameleon series flagship elegance watch, distinctive styling to FENDI famous package buckle design inspiration, watch the front and back are slightly curved, ergonomic design enhances comfort, but also highlights the soft femininity . On the case extremely exquisite hollow cut FNDI iconic brand identity, revealing strap, elegant feeling wells below.