Swiss Watch Faces the Greatest Crisis Ever Since

“The Swiss watch industry is currently facing a great crisis.” Geneva time on April 21, Nanfang Daily multinational investigation team arrived in Europe from Germany to another manufacturing country – Switzerland. In Geneva this famous timepiece of the city, members of the Swiss Watch Industry, Cedric Berruex well-known high-end brands Piaget jewelry manufacturing and design research group and director talked about the centuries-old Swiss watch industry.

Cedric Berruex say, this is not the first crisis faced by the Swiss watch industry. In the 1970s, the Swiss watch has suffered from the impact of Japanese quartz watches. In this crisis almost defeated the Swiss watch industry, the Swiss government is reaching out to make “Swiss made” to continue enduring 400 years. Today, “Swiss made” are not only synonymous with Swiss watches, precision machinery manufacturing and even medicine and medical industry have become representative of “Swiss made”, the world’s two largest pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche are from only 41,000 square kilometers of this small countries.

In these “world” behind the lakes and mountains of Switzerland is actually a resource-poor, inaccessible country, but it is how to create the economic miracle? And how to create a lot of world-renowned “Swiss made” brand?

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