Mechanical Watches are Mostly Considered as Fully Automatic Ones

The mainspring gradually tightened, with the increase in torque, the balance wheel swing is bound to increase. When all the tight winding, the maximum working torque, the watch will exercise. As the balance wheel swings up to a certain swing still not required, it is necessary to consider the adequacy of the output torque of the mainspring. Output torque over the General Assembly have a “hit pendulum” phenomenon. Clockwork appear at any time, greater volatility, speed oscillation mechanism once the elapsed time will change faster or slower phenomenon occurs when the watch go, this time working with the mainspring output torque uneven related.

In general, the first watch on the chain, has worn more than 8 hours, the standing time will not be less than 36 hours, if the normal daily wear has worn eight hours, enough power for mechanical watches, as watches You will not always need on the chain clockwork. When mechanical stops not go, then spring is the time when you want to wear. If you do not want to watch a “strike” of the state, it must be worn daily.

Normal wear, to avoid shock, appropriate amount of activity, to enable it to continue on the bar, the normal operation, although the shock watches, but in the outside world is easy to make a strong impact pendulum pivot or journal broken gear train, can make impact shock when walking speed needle.

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