Business on Recycling Broken Luxury Watches

Rolex watches recovered, the brand is level with the configuration of different brands, prices recovered the watch will be a lot worse. Rolex 116233 Rolex Datejust series belongs, brands and styles are more popular on the market, so the recovery of prices and discounts are relatively high.

Mostly in about 3 fold, particularly pawn price pressure is very low general recovery of the watch. This discount recovered Rolex watch this brand is not without, but mostly quartz watch, quartz watch is not worth Logically but a quartz female form also serves decent tens of thousands, this is the main brand value. But not the same mechanical watches, mechanical watches are often on expensive recovery 1-2 proportional quartz watch.

In the sections of Rolex watches, precious metals case naturally more expensive, especially the use of platinum is the most expensive. Also tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are more expensive, than the normal style shaped case expensive. Real diamonds or other precious stones inlaid jewelry of watches, the price is even more incredible.

Rolex Datejust automatic mechanical watch series 116233, the shell is 18k gold / stainless steel Watch mirror with anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, as well as anti-reflective convex lens type zoom (2.5x) calendar window, while on the dial also set with diamonds, Rolex Furthermore, 116,233 more popular styles, thus recovering discount this table is very good. Recycling prices generally around 30,000.

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