The Effect of Consumption Update on Domestic Watch Industry

Relying on domestic watch brand Guangdong mature and complete industrial chain advantage, to meet the rapid expansion of the channel under the major trend line, quickly occupy the market, and everyone earned pours, director of Porsche in Changsha Shengxi CCTV reporters interview, confirmed to reporters this view, “in recent years, Porsche-year growth of more than 30%!” imperial Star chairman Zhang Yizhi said that its annual growth rate of about 20% to 30%.

China-made watches in the rapid development, has also said that the way the second-largest Japanese brand watches country mercilessly suppress the overall 2015 Citizen Guangzhou factory suddenly declared bankruptcy, can be said that the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market as a sign of decline event, at present, the Japanese watch brand in the Chinese market has been difficult.

The rapid development of China-made watch brand, fast shrinking Japanese watch brand a few years, the domestic watch market has formed a new pattern – A representative of Swiss watches imported table and Shenzhen as the representative of the domestic table confrontation between the two camps.

Domestic watch brand is naturally formed four echelon, the first is headed by FIYTA wave, Rossini, King of the four old brand camp, known as the first echelon; from the second echelon is Wenzhou four second-tier brand created for representatives of the four brands are Renault, Porsche, gaya, ancient statue in the industry known as Wenzhou four brands; third echelon, west of Tang, Laoshi Dayton, Xinghuang, led by the local market or local channel development good domestic brand watches, as well as some once red-hot moment of the old brand, such as Shanghai, seagulls; a fourth echelon is based on station Road West, Guangzhou resident, wholesale sales mainly in the form of domestic brands. This four camps, after the market is relatively stable, each has a different way to survive, healthy competition among each other, harmonious development.

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