Special Watch for Business Women

Ulysse Nardin first female table series designed and developed for the self-movement, is unique, “exquisite jade” unique concept watch design is no need to press or pull out the crown, it is possible to adjust the date and time. Citie heart device will not cause harm to the ladies of the nails, the crown position by replacing the ‘1-2-3’, each operation is simple forward or backward rotation of the crown, no need to pull the crown out, also do not have to guess whether the current number of segments in the adjustment date or time. “Delicate” watch operation is very simple, elegant and gorgeous, ladies watch choice.

Delicate Jade “silicon-bonded material application, enhance its practicality. Silicon is an advanced material, has many advantages, one of which is not affected by magnetic fields. Ladies can rest assured to wear, because the watch functions will not interfere with mobile phones and other electromagnetic waves are caused when you go to shut down. “Delicate” is both stylish and practical, by the ladies of all ages, Ulysse Nardin strong re-introduce “Delicate” stainless steel watch.

Elegant “exquisite jade”, reminiscent of oriental royal noble image. Diamonds around the mother of pearl dial, like the teardrop-shaped pointer, are like dial dropped, sparking diamond soft ripples on the dial, the watch is decorated with elegance. Topic curve in the time scale watch continuation bold rich color, with stainless steel case, show confidence and strong. Seen in this unique combination of soft and just create a great masterpiece.

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