Man Has Repaired Watches for Many Years

Master Zhou Wenlong Zhou Daming, 60, Zhangzhou. Childhood like all kinds of watches, junior high school to start learning to repair the table, in 1979, officially opened his own watch repair career. Over the years, he has been working in Xiamen Shen old line of watches.

Repair of the table is a handwork, is a cumulative process. Master Zhou said: “The repair of the table for many years to learn, not only to know a variety of tables, but also understand the watch every piece structure, function and how to fix it.” The eighties and nineties, the repair is more than the domestic table , now mostly all kinds of brand name watches Swiss or Japanese.

In addition to the week of the master Xiamen enjoyed a high reputation, but also attracted many foreign friends to come and repair his watch. One Jiangxi tourists 20 years ago to find Xiamen Tourism Master Zhou had repaired a table, a few days ago, even through the network to find the week of the master, and the list sent to the store, but also a postscript saying “only you here repair of the table I was assured. ” Zhou master this very emotion, “so customers can be sure of my labor, very happy!”

Just then, an uncle took over a quartz watch to replace the battery. He said: “Zhou master repair the table a lot of experience, I have a Swiss watch to find a lot of places are not fix it, then let it master or weeks ‘revive’ the so then my family and relatives and friends of the tables to him. to repair, electronic and quartz watches here to replace the battery, mechanical maintenance when asked him to adjust. ”

In order to serve more friends this month, 20 – 22, the public can take to the mechanical watch Shen Siming South at 22 weeks to find a line of watches master free testing proofreading, and 60 years of age or older with ID cards free of charge to replace the battery.

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