Diamonds Fell Off on Tissot Watch

Last July, my husband bought a Tissot 8,000 dollars, but maybe four or five months, set off a small diamond on the table, my husband put a period of time, did not have time for this thing, and then take the store to see, it has been closed. We wanted not afraid, there are other stores, other stores and then take, say will not be accepted, because it is not a boss, they are in Xiamen, not a boss so whether this thing, and then he said take a Tissot maintenance Guangzhou repair shop, needs its own expense.

We felt a lot of trouble, I would like to say that we forget to find someone to repair Well, we just inside the local watch repair shop to ask for a moment, just 80 dollars, but the watch repair master said, if they opened the cover, move over after manufacturers do not recognize, even if there are quality problems, regardless of the manufacturer. So we think it is better to find the factory to repair it, the results turned out that we went to the mall store, they let us go to the store to get another one, but after the take over, they said shedding problem is caused by us, because generally will not fall off, and certainly we fell to the ground, but our impression is no such thing, or else we would not have been thinking about the watch can find manufacturers warranty. They said that if we give the repair, but also two thousand three hundred, our hearts are surprised, how expensive it would be, not to say 80 dollars on it.

Buy brand watches only less than six months there have been cases of diamonds off, and now sell table counter has disappeared, you can repair the table “Guide” also demanded a high amount of repairs. This allows Miss Choi began to doubt, Zhongshan West “days of Joy” mall to buy, in the end is not genuine Tissot watch.

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