Automatic Mechanical Watch Does Not Go Now

Rely on mechanical clockwork winding powered by gear to time. Divided into manual winding mechanical watches and automatic winding. Since the structure is more complex, more heavy phenotypic. Because the characteristics of travel time principle, subject to the effects of gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, the use of other reasons.

Activities mainly from the wrist of the wearer, flying tourbillon watch activities carried out at the time of the master swing, giving the watch winders, so when the wearer is not the usual activity or long periods of wear, the force will be less than the string or vent, resulting in mechanical watches or are not allowed to stop and go travel.

Mechanical watch does not might be underpowered watch stopped because, if the watch is placed too long or less daily exercise arm, the watch mainspring capacity because of lack of winding and prone to shut down at night or when you are not allowed to go phenomenon. You need an appropriate increase if the above phenomenon occurs when the watch activities or evening before the break level shake off the watch for about 2 minutes, if one wants to go watch longer can shake for 4 minutes. If you watch a hand chain function is recommended on the full string manually in the clockwise direction, and we recommend that you wear last more than eight hours a day, so you can ensure sufficient energy.

If not for this reason it may be a problem with gossamer. The large amount of exercise relatively tight winding. If this is the winding mechanism have led to power shortage problems, usually occur in the evening from nine o’clock to twelve o’clock, (with calendar function table) because this time the start of the hour wheel driven calendar wheel, load, and if it is easy in this underpowered period of time to stop, but for that watch is broken, it is recommended to professional organizations or warranty replacement.

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