Those Watches are Priced No More than 5, 000 Yuan

A time when the summer, with the arrival of Mother’s Day, this year’s summer watch also be born. Emporio Armani selection of suitable wear simple watches to meet the needs of the vast majority of mothers, no ornate decoration, without too much functionality, simple a watch at any time with the mother around. For Mother’s Day intentions, Michael Kors is described as the most sincere, Mother’s Day and to launch a special watch and bracelet sets, I believe that every mother has the heart of beauty will all heart. Kate Spade New York is clever and witty, in the mother’s body is also good enough, who says her mother can not have a childlike innocence, delicate moon phase dial and detailed Martini glass ornament, to remind her mother also has its own rich life, time to give yourself a break, enjoy the fun of life.

Watch design ingenuity, with a square diamond instead of the traditional Roman numerals, while the color of fire and sparkling gem dial soft sheen stark contrast and extremely harmonious, like a mother caring for their children unlimited clever confirmed. More mixing stainless steel and gray leather strap to choose from, with the wrist color rendering colorful life.

Emporio Armani Swiss Made in the season vase, trying to watch the most noble recommend this Mother’s Day gift for her mother’s, women’s elegant natural distribution by the wrist. Watch itself exudes endless nostalgic charm of the classic brick red mother of pearl and soft, low-key and full of meaning.

A Time Piece Released in New Year

A time when the New Year, Tendence day trend table 2016 with a number of new products unveiled, as always, the high visibility of the brand, regardless of design or new manufacturing processes have to subvert the conventional products, to create extraordinary new world.

The new wonders of the world by the genius architect design – inspired by Italian Lorenza Santa Maria del Fiore dome, the dome is not used in any of the stent, moved to this myth as the general architecture , which was presented in dome dome series, arched table mirror, reproducing beautiful curves, a pioneer in recycling design classic.

Timetable digital disk technology Dome Dome of the series and before the series is completely different, conventional digital timing and separate dial, dial inclined to reflect the brand Tendence 3D stereoscopic digital design, but this time, digital time and dial a single entity, the use of arch convex lens-shaped table mirror formed to render 3D stereoscopic digital effects, and visual and hands on the dial will be reduced in the digital sense, it is more compact, compact, and meticulous.

Watches Firms Also Pursue Popular Colours

Not long ago, the international authoritative institutions Pantone color selected 2016 new fashion colors – Rose Quartz (Rose Quartz) and the quiet blue (Serenity), sweet pastel colors, I do not know how many of adorable girl’s mind. The most suitable of these two colors Summer is coming, do not hurry to wear!

Although the United States tired of these two colors, but will take slightly bad stage fright. But the monarch seal the world’s best dressed woman got Ken beans, Gigi, Miranda child Beckhams …… cures all kinds of hard to take. Not only is the dress, even as we watch are taken into account, Omega (Omega) Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 Mi ladies watch rose quartz blue dial and quiet, it is better to try?

For color rose quartz, with another word to describe the more figurative – rose quartz. It is a beautiful pale pink, even with a crystal-clear sense point. Rose quartz is recommended to consider short paragraph jacket light blue jeans; pink skirts, you can choose blue, white, light gray jacket; Surprisingly, powder and red is also very positive match, some of the lightweight embellishment would look pink very high; pink dress, it can be used with black high heels, so sweet too.

Hot Sale Smart Watch Market

In recent years, the momentum of hot intelligent wearable products, including smart watch this new thing. Since Apple introduced the Apple watch stimulating this market, the smart watch market began to erupt on the market. In fact, before Apple Watch officially on sale, the market has started selling smart watch product, although the price gap between the larger, but various brands of smart watch on the basic functions converge.

Public Ma’s daughter and now is on the fifth grade, these days Ma daughter feeling somewhat depressed, I asked and found her daughter in the class and some students wore smart watch, “he said to be able to call her a little envious, but also want to buy . “Ms. Ma later, the Internet looked under, too many types of smart watches, she worried about the poor quality cheap,” a thousand dollars and not suitable for children to wear, “and finally to discuss and daughter decided not to buy.

Reporters visited the market found in the city several large shopping malls area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectrical and electronic products are also smart watches for sale, however, the kind of smart watches online is the “most complete” in. Reporters in Taobao search for “smart watch”, although not shown on Taobao specific number of items related products, but the page number reached 100, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other brands, also mixed with a lot of small domestic manufacturers introduced similar products. Price gap is large, some small manufacturers of products for the price of more than five hundred dollars, more low as seventy to eighty dollars, branded products generally to a thousand dollars, expensive and up to four or five thousand. Motion recording, music player, view the information, video camera and other smart watches, the most common main features. “Too expensive smart watches are likely to function is not complete, low quality.” One of the industry to remind the public to buy smart watch must choose the regular business, it is best to purchase brand-name products, brand-name products appear as non-users in the warranty period caused damage can be repaired or a new one.

Indispensable Accessories for Attractive Women

Jaquet Droz watches women watch is the most cherished jewelry, watches a delicate time can pour the wrist, youth show women in different occasions to wear a suit to manifest their own wrist watches elegant and intellectual maturity. Yakedeluo Art Studio watchmakers effort to render gorgeous timepiece designed to sparkle against the background of a unique personality and charm of a woman.

Yakedeluo 8- elegant flower rhyme ring above the wrist watch a show crafted song do its wonderful lotus, in the light irradiation exudes dreamy luster. 2016, Jacques de white mother of pearl the skin as creamy muscle snow, life rich texture of the material applied to the 8- elegant flower rhyme dial, carefully crafted a unique sense of texture and light mother of pearl , with a gentle and charming elegance, in the light irradiation show a colorful transformation. The 18K red gold case set with 114 diamonds, making the dial more bright. Wear chic and elegant it makes you full luxury aristocratic style.

Jacques de Luo Taiyang stone small hours of dial watches sun stone dissipate unique brilliance, its internal foil in magical dazzling brilliance shine Shining sun stone contains the magic and the Sun Yun-century Venetian gold Elegance, as if to wrist adds a touch of mystery magic wear elegant simplicity which makes you unconsciously show chic and elegant charm.

Special Watch for Business Women

Ulysse Nardin first female table series designed and developed for the self-movement, is unique, “exquisite jade” unique concept watch design is no need to press or pull out the crown, it is possible to adjust the date and time. Citie heart device will not cause harm to the ladies of the nails, the crown position by replacing the ‘1-2-3’, each operation is simple forward or backward rotation of the crown, no need to pull the crown out, also do not have to guess whether the current number of segments in the adjustment date or time. “Delicate” watch operation is very simple, elegant and gorgeous, ladies watch choice.

Delicate Jade “silicon-bonded material application, enhance its practicality. Silicon is an advanced material, has many advantages, one of which is not affected by magnetic fields. Ladies can rest assured to wear, because the watch functions will not interfere with mobile phones and other electromagnetic waves are caused when you go to shut down. “Delicate” is both stylish and practical, by the ladies of all ages, Ulysse Nardin strong re-introduce “Delicate” stainless steel watch.

Elegant “exquisite jade”, reminiscent of oriental royal noble image. Diamonds around the mother of pearl dial, like the teardrop-shaped pointer, are like dial dropped, sparking diamond soft ripples on the dial, the watch is decorated with elegance. Topic curve in the time scale watch continuation bold rich color, with stainless steel case, show confidence and strong. Seen in this unique combination of soft and just create a great masterpiece.

Water-proof Watch Cannot Stop Water

TUNG is a hotel chef, is a table of love. March 7, Mr TUNG a well-known brand watches counters Pearl Plaza 2000 yuan worth buying a men’s quartz watches, has life waterproof. “Select brand, is that quality assurance, with the rest assured.” When the order form, the clerk specifically for the new table proofreading time. However, the use of four days, Mr TUNG found his table about 4 minutes faster than the phone’s time.

“Before I accidentally grazed watch, leaving a scratch, but I think it should not affect the time to go.” March 11 afternoon, Mr Tung will table to the counter for service. “April 2 afternoon, the counter staff to call me in the past to take the table, saying that because I bruised table cause damage to the movement, but has been repaired a telephone customer service also said that after the repair technician will watch watch repeated use is detected and then returned to the customer. ”

After retrieving the watch from the counter, less than 24 hours, but there had clean dial drops. “Serious water inside, seems obvious. Said to be life waterproof watch, I do not swim, that is, ordinary life wet, how it was flooded?” TUNG puzzled.

April 4 morning, Mr Tung once again came to the counter. “I suspect that the table has quality problems, I would like to detect third-party involvement, but the store said that if detected is the product itself, they bear all costs. If it is man-made damage caused costs to be borne by me. Finally, I can only agree to be tested by the manufacturer. “Mr Tung said that the end of April, the counter staff phoned to say the quality of the table is no problem, the reason may be water into the mist.

The Differences Between Mechanical and Quartz Watches

The accuracy of the hand is the selection of the table to be considered first, the quartz watch is a quartz oscillator replace mechanical watch balance wheel, use the correct swing speed clocked watches and mechanical watch due to the production of high and low quality, as well as table internal movement vulnerable to the effects of gravity, time error is relatively large, compared to quartz watches, mechanical watch accuracy worse.

Power source is a battery quartz watch, quartz oscillator by electrical energy can be converted into kinetic energy to drive the hands to walk, compared to the need for winding mechanical watches, quartz watches only require regular battery replacement is relatively simple. But there are also automatic winding mechanical watches, namely by dithering watch, can realize automatic winding up.

In general, the quartz watch battery life is limited, relatively short, use 5–8 years after the crystal oscillator will decline relative accuracy decreases, and generally every 1-2 years want to change a battery; do not need mechanical watches replace the battery, and periodic oil conservation, you can use more than 20 years no problem.

Quartz table contains many small parts, usually the maintenance cost is high, so if the quartz watch big failure, usually the original will ask directly for a new movement, the maintenance cost is very high; mechanical maintenance relatively easy, relatively speaking , although a lot of trouble, but easier for parts, mainly not easily go wrong.

Complicated Seiko Women’s Watches

Watch brand has a long history of legendary TIMEX (Timex) in front of a half-century was born in the United States Waterbury Clock Company – a professional watchmaking famous American. At that time, TIMEX (Timex) scientific and technological creativity and the spirit of the combination of traditional watchmaking, watches stand out in many companies, in the twentieth century, 50 years on behalf of the United States became the first watch company.

The TIMEX Timex TW2P62300 men watch belt, using the days when the United States Patent luminous function, can illuminate the whole dial, and low power consumption. Mineral table mirror high permeability clear, at any time feel good time. Buckle style leather strap, durable wear, fit the wrist comfort, any occasion can also highlight the unique temperament.

The Seiko Seiko quartz metal watch women 34957 used Nissan movement, ensure accurate travel time. Stainless steel case and bracelet, metal feeling full, glamorous and low-key. Blue dial fresh and stylish, with a simple silver pointer, time scale, fresh and elegant. 3 o’clock date display, dial diameter 28mm, thickness 8mm, very small, thin scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, 50 meters life waterproof adequate for swimming diving.

Best Watch for Your Boyfriend

Spring open Pro, dating also more male flowers tickets, send perfume, send clothes, as a woman you can not vote do not have what it represents. If we run into his birthday, the more you should make a good showing of. But what gave him enough to send it innovative? Yes, you can send your watch.

In addition to traditional smart watch watch features, it is also derived from a very powerful health data monitoring, calls to remind, photographs and other remote control functions for modern young people, smart watch has become almost a standard.

However, many smart watches, whether the choice of which one do? If on the price, Xiao Bian here to recommend a specially designed for young people, very high cost of smart watches –HOLA smart watch.