Heros Successfully Developed the First Gold Dragon Watch

Recently, Switzerland has a long history of love dragon official watch brand official stationed in China, a time when the 90th anniversary of the Beijing Palace Museum being built, to love Long Shi Emperor Qianlong Imperial Palace robes middle cairica Pictured prototype, into the tip of the Swiss watchmaking technology and innovation unique watch design concept, successfully developed the “Swiss love Long Shi automatic double-sided hollow diamond-studded gold watch,” to celebrate Zhuai Long Shi brand official stationed in China as well as a tribute to Beijing Palace Museum 90 anniversary.

What is double-sided hollow watch popular thing to say is this:? Watch particular the use of double-sided hollow-made automatic mechanical movement, and the movement of hollow or imported, the entire movement from the front directly see through the back, very trendy and very rich sense of technology, special and beautiful! Also, love the movement and the watch dragon official color double-sided hollow mechanical watches gold embossed dragon is still very popular Tyrant gold. Because the movement is hollow manufacture transparent, so the dial and the bottom cover is transparent, hollow, dial directly from the see through case back, automatic mechanical movement hollow golden glance. It is understood that, which watches innovative design and manufacturing process, plus special confers the profound Chinese culture, have led to a launch hot pursuit of Chinese consumers

It is reported that, in order to successfully entered the Chinese market, the Swiss love Long Shi team developed several years in advance for the Chinese market, China Shi Long love wind watch, unique in the history of this love official double-sided hollow embossed dragon dragon gold mechanical watches, watches the entire surface plated 18K gold, golden, heavy, highlight the distinguished. In the 12-bit love carved dragon official logo, and the remaining 11 points inlay 11 natural diamonds. While with a luminous display, hands points allow the wearer to see at night is very convenient, as well as China market special “Red China” brand has kept watch second hand quality and design of the dial icing on the cake. Love Long Shi-sided hollow gold embossed dragon table, set Swiss brand Swiss technology and Swiss craftsmanship, all hollow mechanical movement and the Forbidden City “cairica” ​​in one, wear special face, increasing the value of collections!

Greatly Discounted Swiss Automatic Mechanical Watch

Electronic form at the time, quartz watch watch case, mechanical watches to see taste, wearing a high-quality mechanical watch is a symbol to show their identity, status, grade, and it is the dream of every human heart. Relatives, friends, birthday, wedding, holiday, promotion and other festive days will watch each other as giving expensive gifts, folk wear a watch, “take the word” is good luck, take the Grand Canal to say, indicates that everything you meaning all smooth sailing! But the big mall counter price watch easily a few million, so that the people love the watch looked envious, it is difficult to realize their dreams.

To meet readers to buy cheap watches Swiss international demand, thank Wenzhou Evening News readers love, “Swiss watch huge benefits direct international exhibition” will be officially opened today to grab ,, make every effort to have purchased a table needs to provide public benefits, fidelity, worry-free sale purchase table internet. There will be over a hundred Swiss watch factory price direct sales to the reader, and to cut all profits intermediate links, allowing you to enjoy non-stop carnival!

It is understood that the huge benefits for all sales activities by Ruishi Rui automatic mechanical watch brand factory flown to Trinidad Evening News Building consumer direct docking, all exhibitors are 100 meters waterproof watch sapphire surface never wear, 361 austenitic stainless steel bracelet never fade. Since the province of the store point deduction, advertising costs, renovation costs, staff wages, the cost of tying up capital and all intermediate links, all in 2.5 fold counter price of none other consumers, Energizer province 75%, equivalent to 10,000 yuan a watch, foot foot save 7500 yuan is too cheap! Meanwhile Rui Nida Manufacturers solemn promise: The huge benefit watches are original goods, and Hong Kong counter with the goods, homogeneous and, if consumers find the price is higher than the counter, Rui Nida factory 10 times make up the difference!

Mechanical Watch with Powerful Inside and Outside

Appreciate people understand mechanical watches, mechanical watches are totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the counting operation, its unique charm to indulge in the world, Rolex, Omega, Longines and other brands of expensive mechanical watches mechanical watches, so a lot of love table who prohibitive. Believe that the choice handed down (Chens) rose gold automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches can make you feel the charm of the world, you become treasures handed down!

Appreciate people understand mechanical watches, mechanical watches are totally dependent on mechanical principles to complete the counting operation, its unique charm to indulge in the world, Rolex, Omega, Longines and other brands of expensive mechanical watches mechanical watches, so a lot of love table who prohibitive. In fact, low-key luxury watch brand has the connotation of a lot. This small series to introduce a strong internal and external handed down (Chens) rose gold automatic mechanical watch, the cost is very high.

The table uses real rose gold hollow design, the thickness of 2 mm, is about 667 times the normal electroplating even wear flowers, according to the interior rose gold, wear does not fade; the movement of bearing selection harder than quartz grains of the material – ruby, reducing friction generated when the operation of the components and injuries; thick sapphire crystal, since the hardness is seven times stronger than steel, more assured to withstand any carom; selection of high-quality stainless steel 316L, the medical profession that the authority of the human body without harm steel, compression hypoallergenic, lasting not fade.

Consumers Suspected Watches Had Quality Problems

Mr. Wang over 70 years, has worked in the store bought three watches. July 2015, Mr. Wang again in the store to buy a piece worth $ 180 Citizen automatic watch. “I used to buy are also automatic table, in front of three never had this situation.” Mr. Wang said, the store is a “low-activity” led to stop and go watch the grounds, can not convince him. “I’m a restless person, less activity impossible. Even less activity, I have no other automatic table so stopped.”
In Wang’s warranty on the watch, record the stop and go watch the time. November 2015 stopped once in December stopped three times. January 14 this year, has stopped. Mr. Wang said, stop and go watch the first time, he had been to the store to say, but they say that older people less activity, automatic table stop and go is a normal phenomenon. “I do not agree with this view.” Wang said after the watch to get back, they stopped several times. January 14 again stop watch was gone, Wang again to watch the store, had been placed there waiting for a reply.
January 27 afternoon, the reporter came together with Mr. Wang watch shop. The clerk took Mr. Wang’s watch, said from January 14, she has been to the watch worn on the hand, has never been stop and go on. The store manager said automatic stop and go watch a normal phenomenon, said the elderly less activity will naturally happen, and suggested that Mr. Wang per night tighten the spring, more exercise. But Wang does not agree with this view. “It must be a problem with the table, or how automatic table may need to tighten the spring, such grounds can not convince me.”

The Exquisite Quality of Orient Star

East Shuangshi table since 1901, the East Japan time shop since its establishment, has been adhering to better master quality, ingenuity spirit, for the world to produce the best watches! Eastern Star, as one of the famous series table Orient, founded in 1951, . Eastern Star series automatic mechanical watches, design simple but elegant style. Its meaning “Oriental flashing Star” echoes. Diversified product models, its superb technology, sophisticated design are derived from Eastern Star rich history of precipitation.

Orient Watch Orient Star as one of the famous series, the Oriental heritage of the craftsmanship of the table. “Eastern Star – Full hollow dial” series is one of the Oriental style table in the Chinese market, the main push. Design beautiful, noble, especially the dial, all hollow design, so sophisticated movement unreserved presented in front; slim design, adds extraordinary taste.

Manual winding mechanical watch is to rely on manual twist spring for power, than the average thickness of the movement self-winding watch thin, relatively light weight watch it. The self-winding watches, automatic movement of the rotating disk utilization swing generates power to drive the winding, but relatively speaking manual winding watch thickness than the self-winding small.

How Should We Use Fully Automatic Watches?

Use your finger back and forth on the bar is better, because the back and forth on the bar, use your fingers to ratchet back, so play rebound deceleration gear to prevent a collision, and back and forth on the bar is also very effort. If you always forward on the full winding closer, its greater rebound, each bar will appear on a rebound, but the rebound will increase each winding gear collide, the teeth sharp break easily.

Calculated in accordance with the gear ratio, turn the crown 18 laps more, you can go to meet the watch continued for 36 hours. However, because each person’s winding intensity is not the same, and different sizes within the crown waterproof apron friction, so when the mainspring is completely relaxed, the best rotation of the crown 20 laps or more. Tighten all spring, theoretically can be extended travel time 40 hours (except for special watch), but after 24 hours but can not guarantee the accuracy of the watch away.

When the balance spring at rest, to wind exert a certain moment, that is a layer of string, then do not shake the watch, and can automatically balance spring swing, then the high sensitivity of the watch. After the article if after shaking the watch needs to move, indicating that the low sensitivity of the watch. This phenomenon is generally balance wheel retardation caused by too much.

Mechanical Watches are Mostly Considered as Fully Automatic Ones

The mainspring gradually tightened, with the increase in torque, the balance wheel swing is bound to increase. When all the tight winding, the maximum working torque, the watch will exercise. As the balance wheel swings up to a certain swing still not required, it is necessary to consider the adequacy of the output torque of the mainspring. Output torque over the General Assembly have a “hit pendulum” phenomenon. Clockwork appear at any time, greater volatility, speed oscillation mechanism once the elapsed time will change faster or slower phenomenon occurs when the watch go, this time working with the mainspring output torque uneven related.

In general, the first watch on the chain, has worn more than 8 hours, the standing time will not be less than 36 hours, if the normal daily wear has worn eight hours, enough power for mechanical watches, as watches You will not always need on the chain clockwork. When mechanical stops not go, then spring is the time when you want to wear. If you do not want to watch a “strike” of the state, it must be worn daily.

Normal wear, to avoid shock, appropriate amount of activity, to enable it to continue on the bar, the normal operation, although the shock watches, but in the outside world is easy to make a strong impact pendulum pivot or journal broken gear train, can make impact shock when walking speed needle.

Automatic Mechanical Watch Does Not Go Now

Rely on mechanical clockwork winding powered by gear to time. Divided into manual winding mechanical watches and automatic winding. Since the structure is more complex, more heavy phenotypic. Because the characteristics of travel time principle, subject to the effects of gravity, mechanical friction, temperature changes, the use of other reasons.

Activities mainly from the wrist of the wearer, flying tourbillon watch activities carried out at the time of the master swing, giving the watch winders, so when the wearer is not the usual activity or long periods of wear, the force will be less than the string or vent, resulting in mechanical watches or are not allowed to stop and go travel.

Mechanical watch does not might be underpowered watch stopped because, if the watch is placed too long or less daily exercise arm, the watch mainspring capacity because of lack of winding and prone to shut down at night or when you are not allowed to go phenomenon. You need an appropriate increase if the above phenomenon occurs when the watch activities or evening before the break level shake off the watch for about 2 minutes, if one wants to go watch longer can shake for 4 minutes. If you watch a hand chain function is recommended on the full string manually in the clockwise direction, and we recommend that you wear last more than eight hours a day, so you can ensure sufficient energy.

If not for this reason it may be a problem with gossamer. The large amount of exercise relatively tight winding. If this is the winding mechanism have led to power shortage problems, usually occur in the evening from nine o’clock to twelve o’clock, (with calendar function table) because this time the start of the hour wheel driven calendar wheel, load, and if it is easy in this underpowered period of time to stop, but for that watch is broken, it is recommended to professional organizations or warranty replacement.

Children are Taught to Read Time on Watches and Clocks

Teach children to recognize watches for many parents is a very difficult thing. The children themselves lack the ability to understand and logical thinking ability, so watch the children in the learning process difficult, as parents should teach children how to recognize watches it?

Teach children to learn to recognize the parents should pay attention to watch children watch should be considered in the appropriate age children, children around the age of six, slowly began to turn when the image thinking abstract thinking, this time to exercise the child’s logical thinking ability it is very wise.

Learning clocks seem simple, but in which the length of the pointer, digital size, and simple multiplication are necessary, even if these children have not mastered, learning to recognize that the watch will become extremely difficult.

Children learn when the best interest of the child is always the teacher, the parents should be to attract the child’s attention, let the children watch to recognize there is a certain interest in a variety of ways, so it can be more effective learning.

Geneva International Watch Fair

Recently, GP Girard Perregaux announced 2017 return to Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie. Chief Executive Officer Anthony Girard Perregaux GP Kars, said: “As a founding member of the Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie, GP Girard Perregaux this prestigious Haute Horlogerie brand deserved return Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie.” Under session of the Geneva international Watch Fair will be held in Geneva, Switzerland, 16-20 January 2017.

Geneva International Exhibition of Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) was born in 1991, with the Baselworld watch show and try another large International Watch Fair, held each January in Geneva, Switzerland. Although the Geneva International Watch Fair no noise, exhibitors Basel 2000 brands less than 20, but exhibitors brand almost all the industry’s top brands, including belong to Richemont (RichemontGroup) of Vacheron Constantin (VacheronCon-stantin ), Lange (A. Lange & S? hne), IWC (IWC) more than a dozen brands, and a few carefully chosen independent watchmaker brands such as Audemars Piguet (AudemarsPiguet) and MB & F, it can be said is a world’s top international Watch Fair.

Historical Swiss watch brand Girard Perregaux GP leader began in 1791, more than two centuries created a lot of unique design, technical innovation and classic watches, including Constant Girard-Perregaux was published in 1889 in the Paris World’s Fair, and by the General Assembly awarded the winning three Golden Bridge Tourbillon watch. Girard Perregaux GP few extant authentic watch factory, to harness design and production of watches, including the development of the movement, including all technical and process. Girard Perregaux GP over the years received more than 80 patents, and is committed to technology research and development, we will carry forward the tradition of excellence. 2013, GP Girard Perregaux with revolutionary L.M. constant force escapement watch, the industry won a number of awards, including the industry’s most respected “Geneva Watch Award” awarded “Golden needle” award. Girard Perregaux GP as a member of the open cloud (Kering) Group, which advanced for the global apparel industry leader, with more than internationally renowned luxury goods, sports and fashion brands.