Which Company Created the First Watch?

First watch in the world in 1868 is manufactured by Patek Philippe to Hungary Koscowicz Countess, but this form of watches, is not popular at the time. Now, watch more and more varied choice, for your choice, though dazzling, but the most important thing is to find a suitable temperament. Men dressed in suits at the same time with a suitable watch, from the inside out are enchanting light. In a mechanical watch tens of million times, quartz watch is also a good choice.

This Tissot Junya series in very fashionable watchmaking dotted the appropriate nostalgic element, cutting-edge modern technology to put on a jacket retro design. Watch for each wearer to ensure the beauty and precise and practical to wear and enjoy. At the same time, this watch design details and subtle retro decor is very attractive for business wear. At the same time, subtle curves and twist lock like decoration simple case further enhance the overall feel of the classic, if then with a black suit will be more perfect.

This watch Emporio Armani fans called the Gospel points, appearance of the atmosphere become more prominent men wild temperament, function is very powerful, is the first choice for high-end watches, the young and vibrant love sports men You may wish to start with a durable, exquisite, with a white face with black style is also simple and elegant, mid-price, high-end enjoyment, can only give you so much.

Miss Gao Bought A FIYTA Watch for Her Father

As a chronicler of time associated with watch fatherly motherly love, which can be spent with every second, every moment can be a miss. These days, enough to buy nets scored reservation hotline FIYTA watches in public, many of which are bought for the family, many of whom are young, hoping to special day to send one pair of parents to watch expression of mind.

“Before my dad had a FIYTA watches, wearing 10 years, he was very fond of, then watch broke, he has not had to buy a new table.” The day before yesterday, who lives in the city district Department of Finance public Fu Tingting scored Buy enough network hotline said that this year is the 30th anniversary of their parents married, she wanted to buy one pair to give parents FIYTA classic quartz watch, “life is the most precious time, a child, my dad’s watch is our family happiness that witness, now, I can not because of work often accompany parents around, hope this will give them bring warmth to the table. ”

90 years after Miss Gao also want to work with a classic FIYTA “Clover” watch to express love for her mother. “No matter how the years change, my mother in my heart will always be the most beautiful existence, this ‘Clover’ watch design is very clever, my mom wear must be very beautiful.”

Best Smart Watch on Which You Can Check Short Messages

Of course, there are some efforts to watch the traditional watch intelligent. Through continuous innovation and technology IT technology, the traditional function of the watch extending outward. Traditional watch has an intelligent digital product features and experiences. For example, sports pedometer, call alerts, message alerts, heart rate monitor, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring.

BLINBLIN Can Yiu smart watch has a traditional appearance of the watch, but also has a digital class smartwatch functionality. The watch Swiss movement watches, Swiss gold-plated steel glass film \ double Bu, calfskin belt \ leather Case 316L stainless steel, low-power Bluetooth4.0 smart, MCU ARM Cortex M0 16MHz processor, Formosa Yao equipped with motion sensors and pulse, and the pulse of the movement can be monitored. Process: CNC precision CNC machining process, plating Case: German vacuum technology using electroplating process. Yan is a high value high force grid intelligent wearable products. Next, we introduced one by one BLINBLIN Yao Can this smart watch.

You can watch Yao BLINBLIN call alerts. It is one of my very favorite features. Usually because too many harassing phone calls. Lying mostly muted. Busy, walking, driving, or when the meeting opened, afraid to miss important calls. The watch alerts calls by 0.69 “OLED display vibration and watch the screen to tell you the caller’s information. I will not let you miss important calls.

Mobile phone SMS alerts is also a very important feature that allows the phone in one of our silent environment will not miss the core functionality. Important messages at a glance. SMS can be found wherever we need.

Business on Recycling Broken Luxury Watches

Rolex watches recovered, the brand is level with the configuration of different brands, prices recovered the watch will be a lot worse. Rolex 116233 Rolex Datejust series belongs, brands and styles are more popular on the market, so the recovery of prices and discounts are relatively high.

Mostly in about 3 fold, particularly pawn price pressure is very low general recovery of the watch. This discount recovered Rolex watch this brand is not without, but mostly quartz watch, quartz watch is not worth Logically but a quartz female form also serves decent tens of thousands, this is the main brand value. But not the same mechanical watches, mechanical watches are often on expensive recovery 1-2 proportional quartz watch.

In the sections of Rolex watches, precious metals case naturally more expensive, especially the use of platinum is the most expensive. Also tungsten steel, titanium and ceramic materials are more expensive, than the normal style shaped case expensive. Real diamonds or other precious stones inlaid jewelry of watches, the price is even more incredible.

Rolex Datejust automatic mechanical watch series 116233, the shell is 18k gold / stainless steel Watch mirror with anti-scratch sapphire crystal glass, as well as anti-reflective convex lens type zoom (2.5x) calendar window, while on the dial also set with diamonds, Rolex Furthermore, 116,233 more popular styles, thus recovering discount this table is very good. Recycling prices generally around 30,000.

Man Has Repaired Watches for Many Years

Master Zhou Wenlong Zhou Daming, 60, Zhangzhou. Childhood like all kinds of watches, junior high school to start learning to repair the table, in 1979, officially opened his own watch repair career. Over the years, he has been working in Xiamen Shen old line of watches.

Repair of the table is a handwork, is a cumulative process. Master Zhou said: “The repair of the table for many years to learn, not only to know a variety of tables, but also understand the watch every piece structure, function and how to fix it.” The eighties and nineties, the repair is more than the domestic table , now mostly all kinds of brand name watches Swiss or Japanese.

In addition to the week of the master Xiamen enjoyed a high reputation, but also attracted many foreign friends to come and repair his watch. One Jiangxi tourists 20 years ago to find Xiamen Tourism Master Zhou had repaired a table, a few days ago, even through the network to find the week of the master, and the list sent to the store, but also a postscript saying “only you here repair of the table I was assured. ” Zhou master this very emotion, “so customers can be sure of my labor, very happy!”

Just then, an uncle took over a quartz watch to replace the battery. He said: “Zhou master repair the table a lot of experience, I have a Swiss watch to find a lot of places are not fix it, then let it master or weeks ‘revive’ the so then my family and relatives and friends of the tables to him. to repair, electronic and quartz watches here to replace the battery, mechanical maintenance when asked him to adjust. ”

In order to serve more friends this month, 20 – 22, the public can take to the mechanical watch Shen Siming South at 22 weeks to find a line of watches master free testing proofreading, and 60 years of age or older with ID cards free of charge to replace the battery.