The Major Three Functions of Typical Watch

For such integrity changes, many tables Friends may have different ideas, some very happy, because do not watch the ambiguous hidden in his sleeve, and finally can no longer deliberate on posters, but naturally the show came out, and some people may not think so, they began to worry about sweating more water coming days, the table may be harmful. In fact, in small series, two views are normal, no contradiction, the key is to have a sense of the right maintenance of the table.

On “three” (shockproof, anti-magnetic, waterproof), the warmer the weather, the chance of contact with water surge watch is not in doubt, including rain, sweat, shower under normal circumstances, etc., there are special circumstances swimming, sailing and other water sports. Therefore, like wearing a watch in terms of friends, strengthen waterproof awareness is particularly important.

And watch the material, the belt will be the first to watch the most threat, so, in addition to a number of conditions have to dress to attend the event wearing a belt table or relatively low temperatures of the occasion, the best table in the summer the belt deposited good so wearing a winter belt form a good rest.

Bong XX Water-proof Watch from Start-up Company

In recent years, a large number of start-up companies introduced various bracelets, watches, wrist device in the young group in essentially become the standard. Walking on the road to see at least eight in ten people are presented with millet bracelet, sigh now lives, has smart dressed up everywhere. If tens of dollars wristband can not meet your needs, and more than two thousand Apple Watch makes you feel too extravagant, that bong XX smart waterproof watches will be your right choice.

bong XX is a shell attack team developed a smart watch. Open the package, you can see which in addition to containing bong XX specification and product certification, also neatly arranged box charger box, bong XX hosts and cable boxes. Packaging is very attractive, as a whole is also very beautiful.

bong XX mainly by the case, strap, clasp, surface composition. The strap is a medical grade thermoplastic elastic body, it is 304 stainless steel clasp. From the exterior, the dial information under the screen state is very beautiful, looks great temperament, strap front with a hexagonal pattern, the back strap made of different shades of the strip, reducing the feeling of wear caused by bondage. As a whole is very light, a sense of restraint is also small. It’s waterproof performance is great, but the proposal is still not worn in the bath, it will be easy dirty.

500 Calibre 5 Automatic Chronograph Watch by TAG Heuer

It has recently been recommended in detail a few tables, but some are partial formal style, not too much movement style. In this TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500 come to feel eager, summer, and this table is also the time. While ordinary table fans and not really wearing it to go diving, but the connotation of diving watch has not only gives us a sense of security to say no to speak of, and that in itself diving watch watch this extremely stable performance for outdoor sports do not say, high-end atmosphere appearance gives a congregation moved to break the shackles.

Dive tables, similar, waterproof to a depth deeper than an ordinary watch, watch more masculine overall rough style, along with other functions such as timing and other styles are also very good. Tag Heuer, sports vivid, covered many sports, sports items, many brands launched diving watch, there are certain achievements, as early as in 1895, TAG Heuer is not only involved in the field of underwater movement, also filed its first waterproof case patents, 1950, Tiger TAG Heuer launched the first six tide indication and having a display panel Mareograph Regatta Chronograph, then launched the first professional diving watch in 1982 and 2000 series, when there are so-called Hoya item professional design: waterproof 200 meters, screw-in crown, unidirectional rotating bezel, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, luminous display pointer with time scale, and folding clasp, etc., and this series is the predecessor of today’s Aquaracer series, and in 2004 formally launched the 2000 Aquaracer watch series name consists of two words Aqua and Racer, also represents the link with the diving competition spirit.

Ambassador of TAG Heuer Tiger shortage of heavyweight stars, athletes, may be due to many people’s favorite from and lasting bonds with them, but to enter the Chinese market for so long been close to the glamorous image can not be brought about today’s achievement, it is important one reason is the quality of the watch itself, the gas field and appealing. Further, inexplicable for TAG Heuer Tiger has a different goodwill of many people.

High Water-proof Watch Under 50 Meters

2015 can be said that children’s intelligence wearable device shine year many brands have launched children watch phone:! 360, Aba town, after sugar cat, Huawei and other small K. However, from the beginning of June has popped up a dark horse! – Little Genius watch phone a few months it swept the country! Recently, the little genius watch phone also played the “smart water” concept, introduced the “watch phone waterproof version”, favored to win a good reputation, steadily got into the industry leading position!

Water level high! Spike similar products! Little Genius watch phone waterproof version waterproof rating of IPX7, water level relative to the current market similar waterproof watch waterproof children’s intelligence level is generally IPX5-IPX6, and little genius first watch phone products almost. Little genius first watch phone waterproof rating of IPX5 routine hand washing prevents splashes and sprays drinks, while the new version waterproof watch phone waterproof rating is reached IPX7. Theoretically soak for 30 minutes in cold water half a meter deep is not a quality problem. But Xiao Bian is still recommended that children take a bath or swim Oh!

Soaked remind parents more peace of mind! Other similar waterproof products just to protect the machine and do a basic water treatment. The waterproof version of the small genius watch phone in addition to water, but also thoughtful design of the flood damage reminder function. Watch completely immersed in water for about 10 seconds will appear bright screen reminders, but also feedback to the phone APP, to remind parents children may play in the water. Allowing parents to keep abreast of the status of children, and in time to stop security risks.

Watch Maintenance Cannot be Ignored in Summer

The advent of summer, after a wake-up spring, that now is the best time for struggle. You may be busy visiting customers, are busy developing new season products, may be doing the preparatory conference for the fall, but do not forget, has been quietly accompany you, faithful record of your work drip watch, through a spring, also we need to re-energize .

An automatic mechanical watch business white-collar elite is indispensable to the daily life of the equipment wrist, wearing the same time, maintenance is also very important. Driven by mechanical gears and clockwork machinery and running, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts.
Mechanical watch repair the most common situation, nothing more than water and impact. Mechanical watches waterproof unless indicated otherwise, be sure to avoid the case of water, as it will cause mechanical erosion, very destructive. Seawater is untouchable. Even the noted water table, water resistance is not permanent, because the table water cycle after a full year of wear and tear, plus external factors sweat, dust and various unavoidable, will be deformed relaxation, it is generally recommended to wear a after replacing new waterproof ring, water resistance to maintain normal.
Outside the water, but also to prevent collisions. Wish to purchase two or three tables in their daily lives Replacement: wear ordinary mechanical watch static activity, wearing sports watch movement, watch match different occasions in different functions, help extend the life of the watch.

Creat Endless That is More than Classic

“Doxa”, in Greek is the glory of Italy, a simple four letters of the alphabet to form a sonorous pronunciation of the brand. With the never-ending creativity, and professional tabulation process, creating a series of excellent watch, loved by people around the world. This year, Doxa Doxa S.A. with several classic series once again demonstrated its extraordinary watchmaking strength. BluePlanet® three different styles of surface material, blue and gold sand, Tiger Eye, agate stone, distinctive style, continuing the series of elegant traditional style, will surely become another annual classic.

Three new works with 42 mm diameter show his face, or all stainless steel case with 18K rose gold bezel, simple lines and neat, elegant and beautiful style. The surface sweep, Roman numerals and bar timing intervals eleven embellishment layout, more features at a glance 6 o’clock calendar window, adding to a practicality. Also watch superb design aesthetic seen in the crown, respectively corresponding blue bordered golden sand, tiger’s eye and agate stone, echoed with the surface, but also cast clasp 18K rose gold or stainless steel Doxa brand, memorable thoughts. Similarly Jiangxinduju watch list back, engraved with delicate three-dimensional pattern on a blue earth mother of pearl, a symbol of the sky, the mountains, the land of the three elements come together to implement a clear distinctive nature theme design, visual effects and surface as pleasing.

Each one printed “Chronometre” tag watch, rigorous testing required by COSC Swiss official Observatory testing organizations in order to obtain the relevant certification, accuracy is no doubt. Grand Mitt series Blue Planet® chronometer equipped with Swiss automatic mechanical movement, COSC after high specification standard certification, and “Chronometre” at 6 o’clock printed on the surface of certificates for identity, quality chasing.

The Top 20 Smart Watches for Elderly

According to published this month Jingyun brand competition standings, just in terms of comprehensive competitiveness ranking, 360, little genius, Huawei, Apple, Palm Aviation, Sogou, Mimi Hare, also ivy, Abba cho and Samsung were ranked Top10 in the Top10 list, there are seven flagship brand children’s watches, only three brands to emphasize movement or health monitoring watch concept. Worthy of attention is the emphasis on “old watch” Star concept of peace also impressive performance for the first time to advance the top20 (Note: Jingyun brand competition standings depending on the brand of pre-sale and after-sale comprehensive assessment of the performance).

According elite list released this month posted sales Top20 brands accounted for 60% of the online market share. Which ranked first in sales of Mimi rabbit, online market share close to 10%.

Combined sales volume and price segment together, end smart watches (priced at between 1000-1500) is less than the low-end product sales performance (1,000 yuan) and high-end products (more than 1500); in the low price segment products, microphone Mi rabbit sales champion, in the middle price segment products, Samsung and Ticwatch outstanding performance in high-price segment products, Apple and Huawei more color.

TAG Heuer Repair Center in Financial Cities

With Apple smart watch apple watch the release of a traditional mechanical watch manufacturers receive a certain challenge. Such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and other such top watch manufacturers, it seems that Apple’s action is completely cold, say it is understandable, after all, their price gap is too great, the target user is not at a level above. But there are also close to the people watch traditional manufacturers began to worry, the Internet giant face of frequent moves, TAG Heuer Tiger also lonely, let’s look at what Apple and other Internet giants are challenging traditional watch manufacturer.

Faced with the challenge of smart watches, the traditional watch manufacturer has been in a state of being beaten, shipments in the fourth quarter but less than the smart watch. Has been producing luxury watches, Swiss watchmaker began lowering prejudices, try to watch the production of smart products, one example is LVMH’s TAG Heuer (Tag Heuer), launched last year Connected soon started selling stock earlier announced a We will develop more Android Wear watches.

Jean-Claude Biver, president of LVMH when interviewed by the media revealed that another of its Swiss watch brand Hublot (Hublot) will launch a smart watch. Hublot is yet to know whether the use of Android Wear smart watch system, also have no precise launch schedule and estimated price.

Diamonds Fell Off on Tissot Watch

Last July, my husband bought a Tissot 8,000 dollars, but maybe four or five months, set off a small diamond on the table, my husband put a period of time, did not have time for this thing, and then take the store to see, it has been closed. We wanted not afraid, there are other stores, other stores and then take, say will not be accepted, because it is not a boss, they are in Xiamen, not a boss so whether this thing, and then he said take a Tissot maintenance Guangzhou repair shop, needs its own expense.

We felt a lot of trouble, I would like to say that we forget to find someone to repair Well, we just inside the local watch repair shop to ask for a moment, just 80 dollars, but the watch repair master said, if they opened the cover, move over after manufacturers do not recognize, even if there are quality problems, regardless of the manufacturer. So we think it is better to find the factory to repair it, the results turned out that we went to the mall store, they let us go to the store to get another one, but after the take over, they said shedding problem is caused by us, because generally will not fall off, and certainly we fell to the ground, but our impression is no such thing, or else we would not have been thinking about the watch can find manufacturers warranty. They said that if we give the repair, but also two thousand three hundred, our hearts are surprised, how expensive it would be, not to say 80 dollars on it.

Buy brand watches only less than six months there have been cases of diamonds off, and now sell table counter has disappeared, you can repair the table “Guide” also demanded a high amount of repairs. This allows Miss Choi began to doubt, Zhongshan West “days of Joy” mall to buy, in the end is not genuine Tissot watch.

What If Mechanical Watch Stopped?

Mechanical watch stopped how to do? In fact, the case of mechanical watch does not generally divided into two kinds, the first is due to lack of kinetic energy. The second is due to mechanical failure occurred. Common faults bump, dislocation movement gear, watches by magnetic hold longer dry sludge, etc., will result in mechanical watches not go. So there is a mechanical watch does not work when not to panic too, have to distinguish what belongs to large.

Some people may buy is automatic mechanical watches that since it is fully automated tube certainly is not required, in fact, this is a misunderstanding, the so-called automatic mechanical watches, automatic Tuo by any direction of rotation can be a wound automatic winding mechanism of action runs. One can imagine the only watch worn on the hand, with the arm movement, automatic Tuo also will turn generate energy. Usually automatic watches should be worn every day in the hands of more than eight hours to make up the winding amount, but not absolute. So if you do not wear a long time, or lack of wear after exercise, can lead to mechanical watch does not work. For such cases, you can use manual winding manner.

If, after inspection found no mechanical watches go not because of lack of kinetic energy, that is, the mechanical failure, you need to send a professional maintenance staff that go for repairs. Remember not to speak their own mechanical watch apart. Mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gears and clockwork and running, turn inevitably create friction, so the course of time necessary for fuel, lubrication, to reduce the wear rate of parts. Otherwise, wait until the repair go wrong, often the problem is very serious.